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Totally agree (and know) about different measurement depth, effect of sensor position and models differ in how they are affected by fat thickness.

These points are quite different though.

The first one is a design choice by the manufacturer and a buying decision by the customer, so, no problem if that is the reason here. I'd be surprised though if the depth was so different as the geometry of emitter/receiver is pretty similar in both sensors.

The second: moving either of the sensors a few mm has never caused that much of a difference in my experiments (like 0% vs 40%). If they did, I'd find them useless as that would limit their use to stationary experiments without movement, so I'm happy that the effect of sensor position is quite small.

The third: If it is a technical limitation and manufacturers admit to it, I find it totally fine, but not if a manufacturer claims their model is reliable and (almost) not affected by fat thickness.

Bjrmd, unluckily find that the three points you mentioned do not address my concerns.
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