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hey guys,

im completely new, Im still thinking about all these fascinathing things.

Moxy have Thb and Smo2 as a percentage - imho is also (or even more) important O2Hb, or in fact trend of this value. 

 trend is fine, but what about derivation? (math), or some kind of intensity of growth? there are lof of math ways do define that, so im askingif anyone tested it. And of course, if it was usefull.

do you understand what i mean? 

thx a lot


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Hi welcome.

I did not undestand at all what you are asking to be honest - could you try ask the question in a different way.

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SmO2 and THb are related to [O2Hb] and [HHb] by the following formulas.

SmO2 = [O2Hb] / ([O2Hb] + [HHb])

THb = [O2Hb] + [HHb]

Is this what you were looking for?

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Hi, welcome to the forum [smile]
If you are planning to use absolute values to compare each assessment run then it is important to minimise external influences:

1) keep Moxy body location to within few mm, take a pictures of location to help.
2) room light should be consistent and use Moxy light shield to help
3) use the same clothes to maintain consistency in skin pressure
4) room temperature/humidity and cooling equipment(fans) should be keeped the same
5) barometric pressure should be the same
6) Assessment protocol / body position should be the same
7) Equipment should be the same and have good repeatability
8) Time of day you do the assessment could have an effect
9) life stresses should be the same [smile]

This list only includes external influences and they all contribute to the uncertainty of the Moxy reading, some are more critical than others.

Please note that any type of measurement equipment is effected by external influences and it is not a Moxy only problem.

Also I have not listed body state conditions which would also effect the results.

Hope this helps a little


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hey, thanks for reply, but im looking for something else [smile]

all issues about position and external infuences are clear, im not sure how to interpret data collected.

prequel, part I.

When I started working with moxy, I noticed that "big value" is amount of oxigene in muscle, but moxy colected only absolute value thb and percentage smo2 - so even with lower smo2, there should be more oxigene thanks more thb. Later I found that goldencheetach app generate O2hb value.

prequel, part II.

i like math so i want from math help with interpretating data.

inflection point - if you are doing 5-1-5 test, focus on curve in one rest minute. Is important only final value of smo2 or (if there is) some kind of inflection point? 
shape of that curve can be described by math, not just by "eye". 

or different example, again rest minute in that test. Smo2 grows:

rider 1:
20  20 21  22  22  23 24 24 25

rider 2
20 20 20 21 21 21 22 23 24 25

starting and ending value shoud be the same, but intensity of growth are huge diferent. 

there should be a lot of examples with math and statistics applications in analyzing moxy data.

But im a coach, so my question is - during analyzing data you are using just an eye and lot of experiences or there are also helping math? or its not usefull and it cant help with practical output?


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I measure o2hb or hhb the rate of change and sometime the area under the curves.
I also use various logic functions in excel to look for disscurve during the rest periods.

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Exactly! Integral of curve is more sensitive, area under curve compared "live" should be good value for practical use.

Theres a lot of new stuff around, im just thinking
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