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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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here a super nice   feedback from S.M.

"Interesting response with the calf test. It appears that the muscle was low on oxygen during the warm up phase when the client was suffering the most with shin pain and had to stop numerous times to stretch. During the later phase when the SmO2 was higher her shins didn't hurt but she was slowing down and walking because she was working HII phase."

Now  fist the MOXY info  in  a picture  and than some questions.
  Question 1.  What was the test protocol or what was this person doing   as you collected the data's.
 From the  picture  alone : What can we see.

 Now watch the fun part . Pic  1 is a client  here with an initial delivery problem  ( drop  in SmO2  followed by a utilization problem.
 Either  to fats start and than had to slow down  so from easy jog to   walk.
 Suggestion. Start with an easy walk and see, what happens.

  Pic  2   from the same coach a person with a  f delivery problem at the need.
 Now  watch the tHb . Fist person  actually has a lower tHb  but an increase in SmO2 .
 The second person has a dropping  SmO2  but an increase in tHb
 This would be  2 very very interesting people having added to a VO2  equipment not for VO2  but for  RF and TV   as well as EtCO2  .
 Why ?
  Think O2 diss curve and the reaction of CO2   on blood vessel reactions. ??? Here to have fun with the pictures.
 You can see person one  in pic three how  she improved the amount of O2 in her  muscles. but ??? is this O2  available ?

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