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Vansummeren is the second rider this season to be forced into retirement due to heart problems. Michael Rogers also stepped away from the sport after being diagnosed at the start of the season. In recent seasons, Nick Nuyens, Robert Gesink, Klaas Lodewyck, Olivier Kaisen and Niels Albert have all suffered with heart problems. While Gesink was able to return to racing, others were forced to leave the sport.

Or the question of  accrual physiological assessments  and physiological stress application.
 Physiological guided training means  that I  take care on a  daily base on  who is today's most likely limiter  and who may be the most aggressive compensator.
  I used the example already many times  but here again.
 You can have a respiration limitation   and a perfect  working   heart. After years of  compensating for the weak  respiration  we may  have suddenly a  heart client  treating his heart, when in fact it started  out with a respiratory limiter which never was addressed.
 I have currently  3 clients  with  right ventricular heart problems  and going back in their history  they all started  out many years back with a respiratory problem. So we actually work on the respiration   so the  heart  is getting more relieve.

 This is  why we like to know  what we stress  today  what we stressed  yesterday , what  recovered  to day and what  still needs some recovery time. Therefor physiological zoning  is an  interesting option versus  performance driven zoning  as the physiology  will decide  who has to work , versus  where in  performance driven intensities we have no real choice and who  ever may be able to help to push the required wattage  will  try to do this.
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