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I received second Moxy yesterday, wow I can finally see in 3D [biggrin]

It was late and I was really not sure what my first workout should be, I figured checking my Right/Left physiological balance will be most interesting as a first ride.

I do see a lot of talk about R/L balance interesting power stats at Garmin website etc., I was really curious if Moxy monitor could measure physiological balance and how that would relate to power balance showed by power pedals. I do have L/R imbalance confirmed by pedals and overall strength tests. 

Here is how I have done it, if you spot the error or have idea how to improve/do it differently/ or just completely show me this makes no sense and below was pure coincidence in our totally random world please share it.

First chart shows % of L/R, I could probably use some more sophisticated formula, but decided to do it quickly and use simple math:


Average physiological SmO2 balance from above from entire ride was 
L=51.21678% R = 48.78322%

Power Data Balance from P1 pedals:
L=49%  R - 51% 

L/R Torque Effectiveness

L/R Pedal Smoothness

In my books that is super close to actual power pedals, with the huge difference of additional great info given by Moxy, power pedal balance is very simple, does not really tell much beside illustrating the difference.

Moxy on L and R VL, training was as follows, using my 5-1-5 loads.

1. Calibration
2. 5min @ 240W (hands on the bars)
3. 5min @ 300W (hands on the bars)
4. 5min at 340W (hands on the bars)
5. 5min at 120W (hands on the bars)
6. Take a guess what was done during this section
7. Take another guess.
8. 5min@ 240W in drops, finished with 1000W sprint for 10 Seconds with some blood shifting\priming my VL, notice I was able to prime both legs, while in drops.
9. Mainly seating and fighting with my PerfPro studio software [smile]

L/R SmO2 balance %, interval 1, blue my right leg de-saturates more, interval 4 brown my left leg de-saturates more


My Left leg had higher starting SmO2
Right leg Dark green, Left leg light green:


THB graph, Left leg lower starting tHb brown, right leg higher tHb grey, surprisingly tHb does not change, I will need to calculate tHb the same way just to make sure.


I'm very surprised to see during harder efforts my left leg seem to be working harder! I think that might be caused by right leg actually "taking easy" I can't explain this any other way. I was also surprised to see my L leg SmO2 drop even more rapidly then Right leg, but it also recovers much quicker.
After the training during rest, both legs SmO2 balance is closer than at the beginning of the ride, I didn't check tHb relation but from chart looks it does not change much.

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Cool data, Sebo.
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