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The following 5 graphs are from Lactate Threshold Tests done by Neal Henderson at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  The workouts were done on a bike.  The intensity was increased by 25 watts every 4 minutes.  The graphs show heart rate, Blood lactate, and SmO2 measured with the Moxy.

The lactate threshold is defined as the stage where the lactate increased by more than 1 mmol from the previous stage and increases by more than 1.5 mmol in the next stage.

 Test #1Test #2Test #3Test #4Test #5
Power (Watts) At Lac Thresh220240275225275
SmO2 At Lactate Threshold2657252723
Slope of SmO2 vs Power-4.76-3.16-3.45-2.8-5.5

Note that Test #2 seems to differ from the others.  The muscle oxygenation is much higher than in the other tests.  Neal and I discussed that this could be due to placement of the sensor.  The Rectus Femoris tends to have less response during cycling than the Vastus Lateralis.  It would be interesting to repeat the test on that athlete with the probe place more laterally.

Big Thanks to Neal for providing the data.  

"Snyder's testing .
  " The purpose of this study was to determine whether near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology could be used to detect a break point in percent oxygen saturation (StO2) of the muscle and whether the determined break point exercise intensity could be used to determine MSS exercise intensity."  This is the example , where there is a fundamental difference between MOXY and lactate threshold.

 a) Yes moxy if smart used will help to define training intensities  and new of ideas of  intensities is MSS to stand for maximal steady state.
. Problem . Thee are different steady staedy depending on the energy demand. I can have a steady state, where O2  intake is always above O2  use.  or I can have a steady state where  O2 intake = O2 use or I can have a steady state where I always use more O2 than I have  an intake. All depends , where I like to steady state.
 MSS and lactate is  an unfortunate combination. So to  believe  that I can use a lactate number or val;use to define a MOXY steady state is simply pushing the wrong combination.  Oxygenation is so much more direct and effective . that it is wrong to use old outdated  to death discussed and never agreed ideas to lactate threshold , steady state  anaerobic threshold. MOXY opens a new chance to get rid of confusion buy not  even using combinations and connections to ideas, we know by now are  outdated.
 To believe we have to get rid of " lactic acid" or we have to tolerate lactate acids creates  bitter smile on today's up to date physiologists. To integrate  anew idea like MOXY will create a  sweat smile on out of the classical box  thinking people. So nice idea here but  not where you guys  can and have to go to  make a successfully imprint in  modern physiological guided training ideas.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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besides some  nice graphs here I would love to get this challenged. How to run the same protocol idea but :
 Apply one Moxy on the left and one on the right side on vastus lateralis mark SIAP to  fibula head and on that line place Moxy with R and T on that line R proximal.
 Than  do a step test with lactate sampling and MOXY sampling SmO2 and make first a 3 min step test and 2 days later same placing a 5 min step test than publish like this graphs here the values of the lactate and the graph of the HR and the SmO2 and that would be a great start  for some very interesting discussion to actually show how SmO2 can  and can't be used. Let's see, whether we get that  challenge going as a nice holiday fun. Cheers Juerg
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