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The document includes summary of my exercises from Aug 30 - Sept 2, except I also did a mild effort, 30 mi road bike ride Friday evening in which I didn't have the sensor on. It includes:
-Thurs night MTB Race
-Sat Morning long run
-Sun Morning road bike
-Sun Afternoon mtn bike

I will begin to form a summary table to see if averages/minimums make sense with effort levels and recovery levels.  So far, the individual exercises seem to follow what should be expected of HR and Elevation(assuming effort increases with elevation increase). 

After getting a collection of data, I'll need to look for patterns due to recovery and effort of subsequent workouts. This is where I expect to find the value in SmO2.  One thing to note is that I'll probably need to come up with some method of filtering out the absolute minimum to a more steady state minimum.  There seems to be still some 'randomness' to some of the values, whether it is caused by noise, motion, light or whatnot. 

I've also included the raw data sheets and a "template" file for anyone that would like to use it.  Just let me know if you have questions on the calculations, because they are different for biking and running, and I have just been manually selecting cells for the different 'laps' of warm-up, exercise, and recovery, which differ for each workout. 

Attached Files
pdf Exercise_summary_-_2012-09-05.pdf (638.57 KB, 17 views)
xlsx Template.xlsx (140.16 KB, 15 views)
xlsx 11_-_MTB_-_WTR_-_2012-08-30.xlsx (171.81 KB, 13 views)
xlsx 12_-_Run_-_ABC_-_2012-09-01.xlsx (216.11 KB, 14 views)
xlsx 13_-_RdBk_-_AMR_-_2012-09-02.xlsx (245.43 KB, 13 views)
xlsx 14_-_MTB_-_Leb_-_2012-09-02.xlsx (172.28 KB, 13 views)

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