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It's  all nice in the lab  but what's  about in the  field.

An   more an more   great  and  good critical question.

Here my take. Thee whose reason  why we do this is  just that moving the lab ideas into the  field  and making it affordable.
 Now    many  groups  show  incredible  lab  ideas and tests  but are even there veyr  limited in the tools they  combine  and therefore  are  making many conclusions based on ideas rather than on actual dates.

Here  for new combers  what we  lie  to use  to avoid this conclusion's. But now  use the  information's we gathered  over years  to implement it by using just  2  or three MOXY.s HR  and  if possible RF. More and more people start to combine this . Look  V. Billat  and the   assessment to show that a VO2  max  test  may not show  a  real VO2 max  as they  replicated  The  VO2 max  discussion  from a south  African group  > reverse  LBP  test.

 Cardiac  live feedback  - Physio flow
 VO2  live feedback  Fit mate or VO2  equipment for respiratory   feedback
 SEMG  for  muscle recruitment feedback  (  bets  equipment   most likely BTS
NIRS feedback  Portamon or   3 MOXY's
 Blood  different options  best  possibly I stat
 True  how  you  do this  in the field.
 Here 2  unknown  pioneers in that field     quite great brains  no big  noise  just   working on their own.
 Duncan  and Marcel   and you see in the car the live  Physio  flow feedbacks  as Marcel roller skis in the  front.
 This  was done  far before any of the   current  NIRS  experts  ever  tried  to do this live in the field   and  far    a head of any other  current field  assessments ever done by any  group.

 Duncan is a great brain  and a  helicopter pilot   from Abu Dhabi  and Marcel   is the   great brain  we  have once in a  while on here  with    feedbacks  in biathlon.

Marcel real.jpg 


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Is it used and how  successful.
 Here a  out of the BOX training group  from the   top  Swiss ice hockey Pro  team.
 Arno  and his  team  with support  from Andri  convinced the team management , that  "no pain no gain"  may  be  exchanged  with no brain no gain.
 Check the  standing  and the   first  part of the swiss cup  winner.

Arno  and his  tam  work    with the top  athletes  from all over the  world in a one to one  manner in their training  center in Zuerich  Switzerland, attracting  athletes  and coaches  from  Skating, speed skating, Tennis, rowing, cross-country  skiing, Ice hockey     and more.

A  similar  concept  runs In Prag with Jiri  Dostal  and his  team

Below  an inside view in  the   training  with ARNO in his  performance center fixing  a MOXY on an athletes  leg

ZSC  3  arno moxy.jpg
Below a live  workout session, where Arno explains  to the coaches  on what  to look  for  and when to  stop  an individual athletes  depending on the goal setting.

ZSC live.jpg

Concentration   but look  at the eyes  as well as  fascination , when we  apply physiological workouts  , highly motivation as  your body  and your mind    work  to achieve the goal  the coaches  set  .

ZSC live.5  peri.jpg 

Jiri is doing this  with  all different sports  as well.


And it is even done  with integration of respiration in the Swiss alps.
 Here an old many years back picture  of the Scott team  guided  by Andi Seeli  and Thomas Frischknecht.(  the key element  together  with the Swiss  MTB  coaches  for the incredible  dominate situations in todays  MTB  world  scene. Here  with the former Junior  world  champion Trachsel  and N. Schurter.

Spior MTB.jpg 

The fascination is the comparison of the approach towards  new technology in sport  between the north American  establishment  and the  European individualism. Time  will tell.

Jiri Dostal

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You are too nice to me Juerg. We are far away from full implementation of your( and sometimes our :-) ) ideas. Even sometimes do not know what exactly we do, but at least we try. We fight for it every day, but getting slowly positive responses. Main dissemination now is via articles in specialized journals, and word of mouth. I think, we got to the point, that people are buying the concept of physiological assessment. Now we need to move it to the next level - training implementation. Here we face the biggest challenge. It is not that complicated to show them limitations. They want to hear, how they can improve.... but, when they hear, then they are getting reluctant to change the training strategies to something brand new for them.

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Jiri, Thanks  for  as usual  great feedback.
 I think  that is  why we  are not  business people , as we still see  the limitations  and many more open questions  than answers we   have  all day long.
 The  fact , that we have  clear limitations makes it so great  to discuss  rather than    arguing  that this is the  real deal and the  real  truth. You know how many times we thought  we have the answer just to  wake  up in the morning to see  we need more information as the answer    rather increased the  questions  than  finish the discussion.
 That's  why I love    ideas lie VO2  max  or FTP  or    other  mathematical calculations . You  can move them into a  system   get and answer  avoid  any  further  questions  and you are done.
 Do we like to be done , no  way  it just finally starts  to get interesting. It is  the  essence or the  gourmet of the meal  to   try to be better. We  do not like to be the best  we simply like to  be better.  Just  as  I write this  I see the picture  from Clint Friesen in my  brain and the   interesting answer  form Sandor.  9  out  of ten top teams all do this.
 Well  hundreds  of top high jumpers  just  did the straddle  as  all did  . Only one in Mexico  believer there is  another  solution to jump  high or perhaps higher . ???? Check  Clint's  webinar  and you see  what I mean if you do not get the answer.
  Jiri    mail is underway as promised   for   closer look at physiological  assessment paired  with physiological workouts.

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Hey Juerg!

Yes, good times back then. I think multiple Moxy's would have answered a few of our questions!



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Hallo Duncan, 
nice  to  see you back , lost some contact with you over the years. For  regular   readers, Duncan is one of the progressive brains out there  and thanks  to his  work  and   as well  many ideas  of Marcel  and as many  can see here , people like Daniele , Ruud,  Sandor Jiri  to name  some of the many great contacts  I  was privilege  to make over all this years, we  are  motivated  and keep going in a  sometimes interesting and intriguing way of looking on different options besides the established   options. Not  always    the right way  but  a great  way to challenge actually  some of the fixed ideas out there.
 I will start a  section RESPIRATION  on  the forum as  respiration and NIRS   go often hand in hand  with reactions. This as well as there are great names  out there  in the exercise  physiological  establishment    who  clearly  "preach" that respiration is NEVER  a limitation inspirit.  I like to use MOXY in combination  with  respiration  with some simple  demonstration  so you can see, how  fats and easy respiration can change  tHb  and  SmO2  and how  easy  a limitation in VE  can turn  the  utilization trends on its  head.

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