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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Many great mails and critical voices to MOXY and its integration into real practical application.
 Yesterday and today we  (Brian) pushed the MOXY, new coaches and staff and player to the upper max on  application on ice.
 They manage to test 10 people in 1 hour on the ice and than have  individual information on how to design a workout for them as well on how  they can be doing shifts during a game on the ice  for the upcoming season. In simple words, we know now how long they are beneficial on the ice and how  long they have to stay of the ice..
 Here some print outs from the MOXY competencycenter handout  from EUK Switzerland and how interval sports ,acyclic sports are tested and how MOXY  with or without  combination of other bio markers or tools can dramatically help to design individual workout programs and how to re-test to see physiological reactions on the functional and structural side.
Pic 1 is  an overview of the on ice  test.
Pic 2 is an overlap of all three e loads as an overview.
 pic 3 is a closer look at the load
pic 4 is a closer look at the recovery 
pic 5 is the overview on the different  interval options guided by physiological information rather than by the amount of fingers on your hand, or the 1 loop your watch is doing for 60 seconds or a 400 distance because of the track length or a 25 m rep because of the pool  size.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here another great test result  and we are now in the process to complete assessment protocols for in the field testing and lab testing for the following sports.
Ice hockey on ice testing  and dry land specific testing
Basket ball  in the field testing
Volley ball on the court testing
Soccer  on the field for interval zoning and on the field for endurance zoning
Speed skating  on the ice for  interval and endurance zoning
 Running  on the track for interval zoning  in the field for endurance zoning and or in the lab for both
 Cycling on the road for endurance zoning and interval zoning and in the lab for both.
 Short track skating on the ice  for interval and endurance.
 Figure skating  interval and endurance on the ice
.Rowing on the water for  interval and endurance  and on concept 2 indoor.
 In progress swimming in the water for endurance and interval ( need more tests for that one.

 Goal : simple sport specific assessment for coaches and center anywhere any time and  very fast discussion and information on the data's. Here one of now many test running daily.

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