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I had many  emails  concerning  the  interesting combination we sue  sine   many years, where we  use VO2  equipment, Blood assessments,  NIRS  and  cardiac hemodynamic  as a team  equipment  to    find out how we finally can sue  just MOXY  for many interpretations.  I had  alone lats week 5  long  calls  with  research centers  asking  whether there is not an easier  way to go  for  as this equipment  are all independent.
2 thing   we learn  from this   reactions.
 1. More and more   researcher see, that there may be some merits  in looking and  all the major  physiological systems  at  the same time  live  so we know , what is   happening now  and what is  time  delay   due to the equipment or  test idea.
2. as so often  the  " inventors  " are often ahead of the  education research  and this is the case here as  well

 Cosmed paired  with Physio  flow  ( frank Bour  )  and  MOXY  and you have  now  a  full integration of this three options . cardiac  hemodynamic  , NIRS  and VO2    and easy  overlap. It is  now  clear  that   we will have many great   papers coming out  as this makes  the  assessment so much easier faster  and more available.
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