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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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A  very   frequent  question now.
 Where can I read  all the ideas  I have on the forum.? ( possibly  or for sure better organized  and not as messy  as I offer it here as it is nothing other than loud thinking  on a field  I work since  30 years  plus.
 Answer  :
 YES   and NO
 Yes there are hundreds  of NIRS  research papers out there  since many many years. Main problem , that the equipment was no accessible  nor  where the studies   really  done  to  move it into the practical field of coaches. The  major drawback is, that there is   very  rarely  an overall  view on the  body as we do it with limiter and compensator.
  So literature  on what we do ?
we have on line  help over
 we work on an international handbook to talk the same language  and the draft is growing.
 We dream  from a net work   of people like you , who  start using and giving feed backs  so we  have a network  and a kind of a certification group world  wide  using this  simple ideas  to enhance  practical workout by using physiological ideas.
 If you are anywhere in Europe  contact Andri  see  e mail  above as they are  already in the process of building up a network  of centers  as well as  MOXY  dealers  or  distributors.
 Same  her in Canada  (contact   hopefully soon  as well in the USA (
. So we would like to start seminars  and  workshops  and training camps  with open minded people  to support us  as well as themselves.
 Here a PP  from presentation many many years back   and it  has and will be updated as you see  daily  with new ideas  and steps.  For the regular reader out there  the pictures  now start to make sense  and you will be able to put your own wording into  each of the  pics.

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Here is a paper that just came out on using NIRS to assess mitochondrial function.  This should be helpful for the work that we want to do on optimizing the effectiveness of interval training.

Activity-Induced Changes in Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Measured with Optical Spectroscopy

Purpose: Previous studies have used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to measure skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity. This study tested the hypothesis that NIRS-measured mitochondrial capacity would improve with endurance exercise training and decline with detraining.
Methods: Nine young participants performed 4 wk of progressively increasing endurance exercise training of the wrist flexor muscles followed by approximately 5 wk of inactivity. The rate of recovery of muscle oxygen consumption (mV˙O2) was measured with NIRS every 3–7 d, indicating mitochondrial oxidative capacity.
Results: A linear increase in mitochondrial capacity (NIRS rate constant) was found with a group average of 64% ± 37% improvement after 4 wk of exercise training (P < 0.05). Mitochondrial capacity declined exponentially upon cessation of exercise training, with a mean half-time of approximately 7.7 d.
Conclusions: Both the magnitude and the time course of mitochondrial adaptations to exercise training and detraining measured with NIRS was consistent with previous studies using both in vitro and in vivo techniques. These findings show that NIRS-based measurements can detect meaningful changes in mitochondrial capacity.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Thanks  Roger.
 I will show  you some data's  in this  last  study directions we did  many years back  and some   data's just done a few days  back  from assessment   by S.M.
. As well I will show  some   info  and discussions  to the point   we  had in another place.
 The " classical " believe , that VO2    is  dependent only on   Cardiac  out put  and not on a-v O2 Difference.
 I will show you some base line studies  we did  to  proof  to ourselves,  that this classical  educational believe  may have to be reviewed  . So stay tuned  for the weekend.
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