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Did Trainer Road Gendarme+7 interval workout tonight, 30 sec at 135% then 30 sec off at 40%.  Repeat 15 times, then 6 minutes off.  Do that three times.

What was interesting was that the first set saw the biggest overall drop in SMO2, then the second and third sets there was a decline, but  not as much.

With 30 seconds on/off, there was not enough time to fully recover so the trend continued down through the sets.  However I don't seem to be able to really ring out the muscles, I normally have only gotten into to the low 60s during assessments.  Historically I'm not a sprinter, half-iron races were probably my strongest, as well as marathon MTB racing.  Cyclocross I'm mid-to-back of pack in 45+ masters here in eastern PA.

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That is not an unusual pattern and why I feel that using the sensor in this fashion is not going to very useful.  The best example of this is with weight training, where a trivial load will desat on the first set, but progressively larger loads are needed to mitigate the compensatory vasodilitation thereafter. 

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A biased view of O2Hb & HHb

I normally set the trainer into manual mode and vary the power or time to reach a target value and then the recovery is again based on value reached before I start the load again.


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This sort of thing has been mentioned at times in the forum. There are a few possibilities. Some endurance athletes have high levels of myoglobin. Myoglobin has a different desaturation curve to haemoglobin and desaturates at much lower levels of pO2. This could be why you only get down to the 60s in your assessments.
Another possibility is that your O2 delivery is greater than your utilization, possibly greater development of mitochondrial density would help. If you want to improve desaturation I would suggest higher wattage intervals but with longer recovery periods to allow a more complete recovery both for SmO2 and muscular strength, ie more Sprint Interval Training rather than HIIT.
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