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The ZSC Lions – Professional Swiss hockey team working slide board drills - maximizing effort by montiori[webicon_green]ng their quads with the Moxy

I do not have a Facebook or twitter account  so I got this above sent to me. There was as well a  picture  there.
  Now here my point.  The  MOXY  is NOT  used  in this team to monitor their  quadriceps  that's  where they place  the  unit. The MOXY  is used  and often in combination with a second unit on an upper body part to actually steer the intensity of he load , the duration of the load, the recovery time in between loads  as well as the number  of  a  repetition in loads  during a  workout.  The idea of  the upper body  is  as well as  we may chnage  some lower body  workouts  like  squatting   and than  have the next  load  in an upper body challenge like perhaps  bench press  or   an other idea.

 The  2  places  as well are  used  either as a technical control  of   exercises  as we my   try to avoid an  upper body activity  if planned   ore we like to see a shift in   Blood  form upper to lower   when we reach a cardiac limitation.  So  the 2 options   , non priority  is getting integrated in the    movement    or  an actual  CO limitation. 
 Than we like to look recovery time if  we  have  and upper and lower body integration or  CO  to   verify the  actual total body recovery versus  just upper or   lower body recovery.

 Than  another tweet    I got  form my daughter  indicating , that   there was a tweet  on   MOXY is used to see how long it takes  till we run out  of  O2 

Remember  we try  desperately  to keep up with the latest in research and  as  so often showed  by Richardson  et all, we never  during a  sport  activity  run out of  O2  . If MOXY  shows  a low  or even zero SmO2  than that is  just the limitation of the accuracy  and the depth  penetration of any NIRS  device  as the  assess area  has  its limitation due to   sensor ability.
 I think it is important in this stage  of   general  use  of NIRS  to  avoid mistakes  we did  with lactate  and HR max  rules  and so on  and simply use  what we see and what we know    as it   does not make ideas easier to understand  but more confusing.  See the confusion LT1   estimation and %  calculation e have in the  LT2  LT 1   prediction using  BSX

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