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This is a very  interesting discussion in the power/ wattage  immunity  in  golden cheetah. If  this  is  positively used  it may   create a very new  understanding on how  valuable power is  when combined  with physiological feedback  and vice verca.
 I  think this discussion will help  to start moving  back where  we  already have been  to accept , that there is not one golden  tool  or  idea out  there. ( including  what we  do here  with NIRS) As more feedback  we can gather  as more likely  we   can work more specific  with it.
 True  there is the  limitation of costs    and that is what often motivates  us  to  try  to get  the tool  with the  possibly most feedback  for the money we invest.
 One of the tools  , whch may be most cost efficient  is  to  go  out  and  have  fun to learn  and update physiological information as this is  what we need to use  ideas  for  physiological stimulation. 

  here  a  short  section of  the   inter sting and hopefully   great  discussion. 
Here is why we no longer support TrainingPeaks:
1. We do not endorse the "science" behind the terms. 
Despite the furious claims of the originator, there is zero evidence of the validity of TSS, NP, IF, VI, CTL, ATL, TSB and FTP. There are a handful of references to these terms, but no study has ever been published that verifies any of the numerous claims made.
The marketing of these terms has made them popular with amateurs the world over and are considered the lingua-franca of cycling with power. This is because they are promoted in tools such as GC and related. They are not at all widely used by professionals and sports scientists.
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