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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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The regular reader  for sure picked up the information, that when we assess patients or  athletes we try to make an overall picture of the  bodies physiological reactions and how this system interact with each other.
 We do this since many years and as mentioned it is a question of time and centers will start using this ideas and will change the way we assess.
  We try to look at the  few main systems.
 Cardiac reaction with Physio Flow,
 Respiratory reaction with a VO2 equipment
 Metabolic or  oxygenation trends with a NIRS equipment.
  Now having MOXY makes this even more attractive as  anybody can afford this now.. There are limitation and top centers may like to have both  Portamon and NIRS. For New comers and  coaches  MOXY is a perfect addition to  existing ideas and expertise we all developed over years.
 Here what  will be available  for any user.
 Test center information and interpretation for MOXY but as well for other info's  you may collect when overlapping and use them all together.
 Here a great example of  printouts from each system and than easy to look at limiter and compensator in this example.  Thanks to our  Friends from Tessin Switzerland.

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