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Juerg Feldmann

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I had in the last month 4 mails, all independent and all from Rowers or dad's of rowers, from Canada.
 All asking specific about MOXY and its use in rowing.
. This questions fits great into the ongoing search for answers with our Norwegian friends and cross country skiing.
 Rowing  as well is a sport with an incredible big % of muscle involvement from upper and lower body and for sure the core muscles.
 When we consider , that the diaphragm is one of the most unimportant core stability muscles, if not the  most important, and we combine this with the task on hand in rowing, than we can understand, that the highest tested VE information comes from rowing and or cross country skiing.
. If we consider the specific task in rowing and the need not just for O2 intake but  nearly more important the need to help buffer  H + and CO2 output, than  we can easy understand that a weak respiratory muscle system will contribute to a dramatically loss in performance in the last   quarter of the race.
 With MOXY we now have a whole new tool to assess  the partnership between upper and lower body on the one side and the influence on O2 supply  due to respiratory limitation on the other side including the loss of core stability to the overload of the respiratory system.
 Here a very far back discussion  we had on the FaCT Forum about 4 - 5 years back, where we already discussed options of NIRS. For interested people here the link

Here a beautifully race with country man Xeno Mueller. one of the rowing greats with some very unique and out of the BOX  thinking.
 This would be and is a great example, how MOXY can be used to see different reactions.
 1. Stroke rate  and compression reaction in the main muscles with the question for the decompression phase ?
 Upper and lower body desaturation and its interaction with respiration.
 Stroke rate directly influences respiratory pattern and as such will direct influence CO2 levels and as such SmO2.
 Think what the  big difference  was  when looking at that part of the difference between Porter and Mueller.

 I will show as an answer to Marcel's ( UK ) question of Drift of SmO2  as a comparison of a drift in HR the full ideas on where we think we will be able to go by integrating MOXY in daily workouts  and not  only just into assessments and testing. Have fun and see as well as we change the idea of LBP to  now an idea of IPAHD.
 LBP testing in 2009 was just on the verge  of being obsolete but it was hard to throw your own ideas out after so many year of  having great info extracted from this change in how we looked at lactate dynamic.
 With the integration of NIRS ( Portamon ) first and now much cheaper and easier with MOXY. we had to look at more critical on our own ideas on lactate and than had to accept the fact, that it was a smart idea at the time, but had  to be reviewed, as we where able to look directly into reactions of Oxygenation now with MOXY instead of indirect speculation with lactate.
 Nevertheless, if you make that switch from VO2 max testing with classical lactate use and you add MOXY ( NIRS) keep for a while the lactate going , as it is so much easier to see how they relate to each other in certain situation and how they differ  int heir information value in other situations.
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