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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the interesting  topics is always the  repeatability of an assessment and how we compare possible changes.
 What we do NOT know  of yet is, how the different  new ideas of " zoning" and the use of the SmO2  information will show up as a stimulus and as a change  do u to the stimulation.
 They key for us is now to  get people who  clearly follow their own ideas, but help us to  do follow up assessments  to see, how certain " classical' and possibly new ideas of training loads and recovery ideas will change the dynamic of the oxygenation and as a subjective change  what the change nonperformance  may be ( in what time slot and what is changing and what is the result  ion a real  race or load situation)
 What  workouts change deoxygenation ability.
 What workouts increase reoxygenation speed.
What workout   increase hypoxic load time.
  and many more questions.

 One of the interesting discussion   with any coach is, when discussed  upon re- assessment, that  they can't to a re-assessment now as they are in the middle of a training period.
 I always have to smile, because a IPAHD Is a great workout  and  how do we known, whether we may have to change the  ideas of  stimuli, if we do not know , whether the body reacted as "planned" or  how he may have reacted but it was not planned.
 Warm up and cool downs are excellent   situation, where we always can use a  specif part of an IPAHD and have immediately feed backs  what  happen after the workout  or what happens the next day before the workout.

 I like to show you 2 test I got sent to me  from a very smart coach and  thanks so much has he had the courage to jump over his own very string  experience  and he decided to follow a 5/1/5   IPAHD assessment.

 Here what  info you need to red it.
 it is always a 5 min load followed by a complete 1 min rest followed by a repeat of the same load than 1 min rest and now load. In this case the coach  started by :
 70 watt 1 min 0 watt 70 watt.
 Than 110 watt /0 / 110   and always now 40 watts up per step. See the amount of steps.
 First assessment  was. 70/110/150/190/ and one step 230  followed by a  step 150 at the end.
 After 3 weeks very specific workouts , where this coach  believes it will create a  better Mitochondria density and  capillarisation  here his re- assessment result.
 70/110/150/190/230 2 x . See as well the HR  change.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here another overlap after 4 weeks MOXY use on the same athlete  with an IPAHD protocol. You think you observe you "conclude". What do you think changed  and why ?

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