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Hi All,

For fun I did an exercise with holding my breath:

I started holding my breath around the 20 seconds mark and continued holding my breath until around 2:00 minutes after I did a forced breath out and I started breathing normal again.

My sm02 started at 72.3 % and kept on going down until 68.3 % and then climbed up until 76.5 % at the end of the exercise.

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Yes  you are getting closer to be a  chef.
 Why did  SmO2  dropped  and what happened  with tHb. And if  you had a  SpO2  sensor  what happen  there.
 Next  up  bike  and do the same , have  MOXY on leg  and the next time on an arm .  
Have fun. You will have  fun  once  you  hold  the breath  for 3  - 5 min.  or  you  do 3 breath  in 5 min . 
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