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Did a 38 mile ride focusing on hills.  I had trouble getting the monitor to stay on at first.  The switch seemed really sensitive which I think is a known issue.  I got it to stay on and mounted it to the right lateral quad.  The monitor only recorded about an hour's worth of data.  The ride was 2h45m.   I noticed the watch turned "off" after about an hour, so that must have been it.

My guess is the switch turned off for a moment, ending the recording?  The monitor appeared to be on when I finished the ride.

From the data and my recollection of the ride, it seems when I'm pushing it on the flats, my SmO2 is around 30.  When I'm climbing it's around 20.  Downhill, it's around 40+.

This data would be useful in forming a winter excercise routine where I'm riding a stationary instead of the real deal.  I could make sure I'm reaching the same SmO2 levels in my workouts to keep in race shape which has always been a challenge for me.

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Hey Andy,  that is a great idea for forming a 'stationary' workout based on a summer workout. 

It's interesting that your SmO2 spans from like 15 - 75%, I am curious, if you don't mind me asking, what you feel your relative level of fitness is currently?  For example, are you just starting to get in this amount of mileage at these effort levels, is this activity level consisten with the past, like 6 months, or are you tailing off of your exercise minutes ?

The reason I ask is because when I first started using the sensor, I was just ramping up my exercise minutes/week and was able to start out with a baseline ~70%, and then drop below 20% during some workouts.  But now, as I have been into a good regimen (and lost ~20 lbs since March) I notice that I don't drop below 20% nor get above 70% very easily.  I would say that I have been able to put in more peak effort now that I am more fit, as compared to when I was just starting, but I am more tolerant of the 'pain' of pushing hard. 

So, just interested in where you're at on your yearly training cycle.

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I'm near my annual peak fitness level but am really pushing hard right now.  I'm preparing for a mountain bike race ( which is in a week and a half.  It's 40 miles through the woods with lots and lots of hills.  I do it just about every year.

Up until the race I keep ratcheting up my training efforts with both distance and hills.  My goal every year is to do better than the year previous.  Been doing pretty well at that lately.  I've found that doing long rides with hills towards the end prepares me quite well.  Like you mentioned, I'm able to put up with more "pain" and recover more quickly.

I've lost about 9 pounds this summer (at 169 now), but my training isn't targeted for that.  Just trying to build speed and endurance to beat my perennial teammates!

Other annual activites that I do are a 20 mile MTB race in the early spring and then late fall and a summer sprint triathlon.

Hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any more questions.

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