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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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What we  did now since many years, using Oxygenation as the only immediate information on energy supply and demand noninvasive is now available for anybody   and supper  affordable.
 Test center can dramatically enhance and increase the values of their testing, as they now can combine VO2 and lactate and  cardiac hemodynmaic and respiratory information all together with oxygenation and the dream to find LIMITER and compensator and  understanding , why one person can do this and another not is now here to go and to be developed further.
Here to give and answer to many many mails and phone conversation I had the last few month . The latest  2 days ago with over an  hour getting perfect feedback , where the hesitation and the questions are, when something that nice an simple  moves into the mainstream  sport market from the lab and the research groups.  Here a simple small guide you can work through the more in detailed  infomration can be gathered over our IPAHD idea.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Yes here how it looks  when you get the  EUK service The  New MOXY owners  get the first  assessment they do as a part of the intro and can sent the cvs files to the above  mailing address..
 You can do any test you prefer and we will look , whether it is a test , who can give information on physiological trends or not. If you have no clue what  and how to test contact us and we will sent you a protocol you can follow.
 Here the  test above  you see live on the peri pedal software in the  interpretation as  intensities and if you use wattage as info on wattage  and HR and SmO2 as well.
 So the key when you work out is to have a " calibration baseline now , where you know that  at this performance level ( wattage I normally have a HR +- a certain number and a SmO2 +- a certain number and if you have as well RF as a bio marker you have a certain RF at that performance. Easy to do now and to count as you do during your warm up.
 As wattage is a very objective performance information you will see whether on a particular day your are  in your baseline info or whether by the same wattage your SmO2 HR RF are very different and therefor you have to make decision , whether you like to train the . intensity you have planned physiologically or whether you stay in the physical wattage  intensity but being aware, that it is a very different physiological stimulation today than it was in your assessment.  Here the pics.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530

I got some very  interesting feed backs and despite the mess we have here n the forum it shows me that a big number of readers start to think somewhat differently. Here are 2 big topics in discussion and  some readers may already have gotten some ideas and explanations to their personal questions.
 What I like to share here is the 2 main questions and feed backs I received.
 a) can is see and use MOXY to find Limiter  and or compensator ?
b) Can MOXY ( NIRS tell me , where and what is my weakness ( aerobic / anaerobic) ?
 Let's start with the a question.
 Answer Yes and no.
 Yes : if we  use more of the info we can gather than just SmO2 we have now after a few hundred test a relative good direction, what SmO2 trend combined with tHb  ( total Hb trend can indicate) As soon we add VO2 info ( RF , TV ) and even HR alone to it  than we are even better on.
 Now let's start with just your basic investment of a MOXY including HR and the test I offered in the PP.
 You can see  not too bad , even if not trained yet the different steps and you for sure can see  towards the end, that there are no clear steps anymore.
 Different reasons but one for sure, that it was getting harder to delivery the energy the   body demanded to get,
Therefor we have metabolically different choices to stop in additionally to the oxygendependent energy supply. It is the O2 independent supply chain , where O2 if possible is still used as long as possible.
 The ability to use O2 is nicely shown  with the  level of SmO2 drop.
Now  one of the  ides behind information from NIRS ( MOXY and other NIRS equipment) is the fact, that tHb is an indicator in certain situations on the blood volume.  As usual there are some exception , where this does not apply.
 Based on our idea of a ECGM we postulated, that  when the  body creates a vasoconstriction we may see a drop in SmO2  and if the body creates a vasodilatation an increase in tHb.
 Now there are as well mechanical reason where tHb increases or decreases. Lets' make it very simple with the risk that people think it is too simple.
 If ( IF ) your respiratory system has a limitation, than the ECGM will kick in and  you will create a vasoconstriction, avoiding the  O2 to move to your extremity muscles  to save the more vital system respiration from dropping pO2  too low. See pic 1  Dempsey's metaboreflex.
 You see on the pic a test from a client with a respiratory problem and the drop in tHb ( green on this slide at the moment the respiration run into trouble..
 Now the  lower ability to move blood due to vasoconstriction will change as well the ability to move O2 as well as CO2. More CO2  will create a shift of O2 Diss curve to the right and SmO2 will be able to drop further.

 Summary : A d drop in SmO2  in combination with a drop in tHb can indicate  a  respiratory limitation.
So a drop in SmO2 but stable tHb  and an end of the performance indicates more a limitation of mitochondria density to extract further O2.
 A stable tHb and a plateau in SmO2 indicates  a limitation of further extraction of O2 again as a mitochondria limitation.
 Now the other vital organ is the cardiac system. A limitation of this system creates a drop in  motor unit recruitment. See pic 2.
 A small er amount of motor units creating the same or more wattage will create  what.
 Yes. So what do you expect from the tHb trend.
. Now  last part is muscular limitation of  strength. A increase in motor unit recruitment increases what and how will tHb react.
 Pic 3 is an example of a muscular limitation to the  blood circulation.
Now you can see yes we can over time with experience and many test start to see some indication. If you than get tested in a center with MOXY and additional information from VO2 data collection as well as Physio flow and sometimes still lactate and SEMG you are pretty close to limit the questions and narrow down your actual weakness and your strength ( compensator ). I will show you over the next few weeks many of our test we do and did and you will soon learn to make some very interesting conclusions based on the trend of the only direct information on energy demand we have for the moment.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
sure  I can here the request for the tHb trace from the test in the PP. have fun and try to see, what the limitation may be in this test. Pic  1.
 Pic 2 a QCI  of the same test

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Development Team Member
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Hi Jeurg,

Sorry for the seemingly simple question, but how is the QCI created from a practical perspective? How is it used during/after the test to validate?

Development Team Member
Posts: 1,501
Etienne . This is a very old very bad  big mistake  picture  . Forget the QCI .it works great in  Portamon as they have a  QCI  build in their    whole concept  on quality of the signal.
 We thought we had something like that in MOXY originally but  it is  completely off  and not existing. One  of the many mistakes  we do when pushing limits  and this was one.  for sure. Sorry  for confusing  you. We  could take this of the forum but why   we can  show mistakes we did  nothing wrong with this
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