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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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The  questions  are  all in the same direction:
  IF  MOXY  /NIRS  is so great, why  do we not see more   coaches  and  athletes using it.
Well the answer  is simple.
 Most of the research   groups  not even know that there is a MOXY  on the market.I  just had a discussion  with a  University   NIRS  specialist  who  did not believe  me that  there is  such a thing like seeing  SmO2  and tHb  on your wrist  watch.  Even less could he believe , that you and I  can buy it over  the  Internet  and he  had no clue  about this.
  The current  equipment s used  for many  studies   is  very  expensive   and  to have  a 4   channel system   to  test for example   both legs  and  both arms  at the same time  is basically limited  to a few  people.  Well was limited  to a few  people. Now we have    front runner fitness  centers and coaches     offering this  to their  customers  day in and day  out.
  Is there  a  summary or  some literature  around.
 As mentioned, we show  since  the early  1990  on  FaCT Forum and now  as well on the MOXY forum  our attempt  to bring  new  technology   to the coaches   and to the people on the street.
 We introduce    the first  portable  lactate point of care  analyzer  over  15 years back, the first     equipment you actually can train  respiration over   30  plus minute  by   moving VE   of  150  and more liter  per minute  and now we  try  to break into the  ideas of drastically changing the way we  can assess  and add to the current  assessment ideas  a  direct window  in the oxygenation trends   of your  body.
  Now here a much better summary   why it works    but still the  open question:
 Why  so little   information  on this practical application is out there  for coaches. 
 MOXY  will change this  trend  in the next few month dramatically.
  Here the abstract   and  att the full article

Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy

to Exercise Sports Science

J. Patrick Neary

Catalogue Data

Neary, J.P. (2004). Application of near infrared spectroscopy to exercise sports science.

Can. J. Appl. Physiol.



9(4): 488-503. © 2004 Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

Key words:

tissue de-oxygenation, hemoglobin volume, endurance training, resistance exercise,

taper, applied physiology


désoxygénation tissulaire, volume de l’hémoglobine, entraînement physique,

exercice de force, réduction, physiologie appliquée


Over the past 15 years the use of near infrared spectroscopy in exercise and sports science

has increased exponentially. The majority of these studies have used this noninvasive technique

to provide information related to tissue metabolism during acute exercise. This has

been undertaken to determine its utility as a suitable tool to provide new insights into the

heterogeneity and regulation of local tissue metabolism, both in cerebral and skeletal muscle

tissue. In the accompanying articles in this symposium, issues related to the principles,

techniques, limitations (Ferrari et al., 2004), and reliability and validity of NIRS in both

cerebral and skeletal muscle tissue (Bhambhani, 2004), mostly during acute exercise, have

been addressed and will not be discussed here. Instead, the present paper will focus specifically

on the application of NIRS to exercise sports science, with an emphasis on how this

technology has been applied to exercise training and sport, and how it can be used to

design training programs for athletes.

On remarque, depuis 15 ans, une augmentation marquée de l’utilisation de la spectroscopie

en proche infrarouge (NIRS) dans les sciences du sport et de l’exercice. La majorité des

études pratiquait cette technique non effractive pour obtenir des données concernant le

métabolisme tissulaire au cours d’un effort donné. Ces études vérifiait la justesse d’utilisation

de cet outil afin de jeter plus de lumière sur l’hétérogénéité et la régulation du métabolisme

J. Patrick Neary is with the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick,

Fredericton, NB, E3C 5A3.  

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