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Hey everyone.
I took the time to graph out all my warmup routines since the March 11th.  I had a bike fit done March 8th, and did a fresh 5-1-5 assessment March 9th for a baseline.

Once I graphed them out I was concerned that my HR was increasing at the same resistance level.

I went back and compared the lowest versus the highest - #2 vs #7 and then looked back through my training records to see what I may have done to affect the HR.   My thought was that I may have created a situation that my SV was higher the day of #2 with my training done the days previous.

So in trying to figure it out I took a look at the SM02 and THB values between the two and the profiles have a very similar shape.  I'm hoping someone on here will have some insight cause if I had created a higher SV situation wouldn't the profiles look different?

Tonight I put my Moxy on my deltoid and ran through some 5 minute steps in resistance, but without something to compare it to it has very little use.  I may do it again sometime next week.

My concern comes from my training focus over the last few months.  Given the limiters found (strength/coordination) the focus of my training has been addressing that.  That combined with the generally bad winter weather and my training has been lacking the long slow endurance training that seems to be good for increasing SV.  I'm not asking for training advice, just some insight and potential things to look at and check into.

I also intend on looking back through older Moxy files and seeing what those values were - those would have been on my road bike with a fit I had been using for a long time though.

2 v 7.PNG  hr.PNG 

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xlsx jschiltz - warmup comparison.xlsx (283.52 KB, 3 views)


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Before  you look " absolute " values   look at  trends. Try to change scale  and overlap the 2  and 7   an see   how  they differ.
 HR.  interesting tend  and important  before  you compare  to  know what you did  1  or  2  days  before  the  data collection.  Key  word  plasma volume   situation and therefor  SV and HR  reaction. 
 What where the resting HR  on  2  and 7   in the morning  ?

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Ok... not sure how you guys normally adjust to account for absolute values and only show the trends, but i basically just added to one and took away from another.   I also did a rolling average to clean up the graph a bit.

The SMO2 trends only seem to differ towards the end with one going up and leveling and the other gong down and coming back.  

The THB trends I believe should be my focus though.... #2 is decreasing for the second half.   So lower HR, similar SM02, but decreasing THB vs the other.   

Unfortunately I do not have the resting HR data for these collections.  I recently started tracking my HR and HRV in the morning though.

** side note
#2 was done on March 15th
-12th i did a long low intensity outdoor ride
- 13th strength training
- 14th was coughing and dealing with some sort of sickness and took off training
- 15th still felt kind of weak and was coughing some, but wanted to do something to try and clear things out

So... the trends could be from "accidently" creating a higher plasma SV type situation, or related to a respiratory restriction from sickness.   I am really only scratching the surface with Moxy training so the added complexity of respiratory affects on THB is beyond my current knowledge.   I did look back through older posts that I could find about vasocontriction, dialation, affects of higher or lower C02, etc.

adjusted 2 vs 7.JPG


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Interesting thanks for sharing. The outlier looks more like #7 to me (rather than #2), so perhaps is there any insight about circumstances that led up to that ride?

Were these rides at same time of day/conditions?

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thank you for the interest and reply

In the days prior to #7 which was performed 3/21
3/18 - steady state trainer workout approx 45 minutes
3/19 - off bike strength training
3/20 - 15 minute warmup plus 30 minute recovery spin
3/21 - 15 minute warmup, plus some short/hard efforts with long recoveries after

The session on 3/20 i tried to utilize what i've been reading on the forum with regards to watching the trends and determining the appropriate action for that day.  In the first 2 loads of my warmup my SMO2 came up nicely, but the third didn't seem too happy and was flat.  So I took that knowledge and did 30 minutes at the previous level.

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