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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Hi Juerg,

I am looking to buy a Moxy monitor but I would like to make sure that i twill give me about what I am looking for.

Up to now I use a HemoPoint analyzer from Stanbio (which is a very accurate equipment) to measure my pre-training hemoglobin level since about 3 years hoping to use that value as a guide to set my performance objective during training.

What I find out is that, at least in my case, the hemoglobin level is a very poor predictor of the intensity level I can reach. Considering the heart rate (which is the only measure I can trust since all training equipment measure Kcal differently) it look like the Hbg has to reach a certain level to attain the maximum performance (in my case around 14%), and, after that level, there is no relation between Hgb and HR.

Now, what can I get from Moxy equipment? Is the SmO2 a better predictor of the attainable performance on a daily base or it it more a measure of the progression.

Said otherwise, will I be able to set my daily performance goal on the information I will get from it.

 So here  just some  basic info on Hb  and Hct




Accuracy of Laboratory Devices and Impact of Physiologic Varia





1..  How is Hb measured ?

Hemoglobin is usually measured as a part of the complete blood count (CBC) from a blood sample.

Several methods exist for measuring hemoglobin, most of which are done currently by automated machines designed to perform several different tests on blood. Within the machine, the red blood cells are broken down to get the hemoglobin into a solution. The free hemoglobin is exposed to a chemical containing cyanide which binds tightly with the hemoglobin molecule to form cyanomethemoglobin. By shining a light through the solution and measuring how much light is absorbed (specifically at a wavelength of 540 nanometers), the amount of hemoglobin can be determined.

How is the hematocrit measured?


The hematocrit is typically measured from a blood sample by an automated machine that makes several other measurements at the same time. Most of these machines in fact do not directly measure the hematocrit, but instead calculate it based on the determination of the amount of hemoglobin and the average volume of the red blood cells. The hematocrit can also be determined by a manual method using a centrifuge. When a tube of blood is centrifuged, the red cells will be packed into the bottom of the tube. The proportion of red cells to the total blood volume can be visually measured.

I believe :
  the hemoglobin level is a very poor predictor of the intensity level I can reach:
I am not  too surprised, as Hb  as such is  simply the transport option of O2   in the body. As such you may have many  trucks  to transport  your  energy    but  you do not know   with a Hb  test, how many of the trucks  are loaded  or not  and whether even if they  are there  will be loaded.

Again a question of the OP2  Diss curve.
 MOXY on the other hand   can not tell you how many trucks you have  but whether you load and unload  the trucks you have..
So   Hb  testing   gives you an indication of your  truck number  or   fleet  in simple words,
  and MOXY gives you the quality of the trucks  whether you have them loaded  or unloaded  and  wheter you actually  are able to load  the unloaded  once  or  unloaded the loaded once.
  If  we go to SpO2    finger puls oxymetrie.
  Same here you   may have a  99%   load  situation   but that does not mean that you have enough O 2 available.
 You  still may be anemic.
 Lets' see whether i can explain that simple.
 You may have 10 trucks  and  9  are loaded  so SpO2   would give you a 90 % load  situation. Similar to  MOXY.
 Now   you have 100 trucks  and  you have 80 loaded  so you actually move much more  O2    but the Finger pulse oxymeter will tell you  that you have only 80 %  loaded.. You can combine the Hb  testing and  know that you have  sufficient trucks, but   this does not tell you that you  can use sufficient needed  O2 .
 Remember the bio availability.
 You may be  fully loaded  and you may have a lot of trucks  but you still  go hypoxic  as the O2  diss curve is too far  to the  left side.
 You may have much  less trucks   fully loaded and you are able to unload all of them  and you are much better on  with O2  supply  to your working muscles.
  With MOXY you look at the  bodies  ability on a common day to  load  and unload  and  compare with your base line.
 In case of    similar baseline  but performance loss you may have to check . whether you are low  on actual  Hb  with a blood test.
 So  2   very close  information's but very different use  for performance information. One  Hb is  the structure   do you have the structure.
 MOXY is more the function  do you can function properly to use   and load   O2  on the Hb.
 Hope this makes  some sense.

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