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Great overview  of NIRS  by this  group. Ruud thanks  for sending me  this    mail  . I knew  they  where working on an overview but    did not had  access yet  so here  for all the  read. I like to he   article  as it   tells us , that we are not  too much of  in practical application  and in fact many may still be ahead of  the  scientific  groups.

Here the  link . 

Now here  a  nice  summary  of  available  equipment  and a short  cortical look  from my  side.

Bruno Grassia,b,* and Valentina Quaresimac


aUniversity of Udine, Department of Medical and Biological Sciences, Piazzale M. Kolbe 4, Udine, I33100 Udine, Italy


bInstitute of Bioimaging and Molecular Physiology, National Research Council, I-20030 Segrate, Milan, Italy


cUniversity of LAquila; Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences, Via Vetoio, I-67100 LAquila, Italy

nirs models.jpg 
There are  a few interesting  information's or  rather missing information's , despite  that this was  done by an accepted  group.
 1. There are  equipment's  on the list  which  miss  any scientific  publishes  and therefore   information to  verify  the technology  and is  acceptance.
2. There is minimal points made on possible SmO2  changes  due  to  blood flow reactions lie compression , occlusion's  or gravity  reactions. This is what we discuss  since   many  weeks in here and show  how SmO2  can be influenced  there for.
 3. If  they  looked and  used  and therefore  compared   all the above  equipment  than  there are  at least 2 systems   who not just    find SmO2   /TSI  is in on system but as well tHb.
In fact  Portamon  actually looks  at TSI %  and we discussed  this already , that there is a difference between SmO 2 and TSI %.
 Now interesting enough both  Portamon and  MOXY   have  the great ability  to  actually assess and give  you a tHb trend  but not mentuo0ned above.

4. On the other side  there is  a My  Nimo  product  who  has tHb  mentioned  as  an option  of feedback.
  Look at  the country it is made  and   than  there may be  2 options.
 1 : ????
 2. Insufficient    information and research  from the great group  who did this  paper.

Which  option  would you prefer ?( Smile )

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