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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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I receive  now  daily great feed backs  from new MOXY users.
 Here a very nice one, as I suggested  to this experience  coach  to keep the lactate testing going to compare  and here  a feedback  to this topic.
Hey Juerg,
So I've continued using the Moxy device in tandem with lactate testing. I follow the TIP protocol, 1'/5'/1' and have seen mostly successful validation in the zones I've created in the past just using the Lactate Pro.

 Here a part of  my feedback :
 yes you can easy make the zoning based on your great data collection. As you had the lactate values on this person as well can you sent me this info as it will be fun to see the lactate valued from another place , when we see a relative minimal SmO2 drop. As well, see , why we suggest using lactate for a while if this was your way of creating zoning. Now you can see, as you " validated" that MOXY can do the same plus even more into detailed info you easy can save poking your customer easier faster more comfortable and they can than take a MOXY for a run to correct on the go.
Cheers Juerg
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