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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Really great to read article and right on the point. So next step could be to get some information, what we really can combine this days with the so called BIO markers.

Yesterday I sued the first time the Dream watch ( BIO watch Garmin FR 70 with HR SmO2 and tHb and played with it , The last small piece missing is the RF but a good trained runner or biker can actually connect RPM and stride frequency with RF and has some very nice indication how the team Cardio , respiration , oxygenation works at what performance to day or tomorrow and we now are able to use physiological information combined with physical performance to have our own individual information on the intensity we load a a current moment our system.


Mistake #1: Using The 220-Age Formula

Can you imagine having actually a HR monitor, who tells you instead of a statistical formula the direct information by what HR today your O2 intake and use is in a balance stage ?


Mistake #2: Using Your HR Monitor During Speed Workouts

Can you imagine you actually look on your HR monitor and you have a direct information , whether you deoxygenated down to your minimal level or to your target level and your rest period is based on the body ability to re- oxygenate back to the start level or above start level or what ever target you set for load and recovery. ?


Mistake #3: Over-Interpreting HR Data

Can you imagine a understanding suddenly , why your HR is much higher at a certain speed than before, because you can see, that the blood return to your heart is lower and therefore less pre load ) less or smaller stroke volume but the need for the same CO ( CO + HR x SV ) and now you look on your monitor and see the tHb trend and you have an actual answer. ?

Here an old old " dream " in a PP I made many many years back

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