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Hello guys,

This post is directed to people who are using Golden Cheetah software.

Inspired by the previous post about PerfPro set up and a lot of home time right now, I find it as a chance to work with Golden Cheetah for calculation of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin. However there are few issues I can't get through.

1) Connection issues with GC 3.5

I can properly connect on GC 3.3, but not in latest versions (always searching in Device Wizard).

2)  X and Y axis realtime calculation
Oxygenated and deoxygenated Hb values are rather small (i.e fluctuates between 3.5-7.5), so the changes on 0-100 or even 0-200 scale are nearly impossible to follow. Is there any way to optimize the graphs?
3) Summary without Oxygen data
When I finish the workout, in the Ride tab I can get Heart Rate data from my Polar OH1, but there is no Muscle Oxygenation data anywhere - what can I do about that?
I would be extremely grateful for any informations about those issues!

Best regards,

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Hi Tom,

In response to #1, I was able to reproduce the same error on GC 3.5.  It worked properly on GC 3.4.

I was able to work around the problem of adding a Moxy sensor as shown in the following video.

I'm not a frequent GC user so I don't have any insight on the other two issues.

Development Team Member
Posts: 4
Thanks Roger, it worked! I also get all of the oxygen data charts in my activity section 😉
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