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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here some information and we all will be very soon  talking the same language as we get flooded now  with cvs files  from the first wave off super keen coaches and their  initial experience with MOXY.
 Remember that offer a variety of services where you can get  many more  in-formations in the short run on testing and ideas.
 I will use some of the great coaches feed backs here to share  for all of us  and to  learn together.
 Here  an answer to a  great questions we all face when downloading the cvs file the first time.
 For users working   more optically with the  new  live software   so you can see the traces  and numbers  during your test are  really nice and  you can use it during a workout  to  follow the physiological reactions.
Here an answer to some   common  initial tasks

  M. I can't find your cvs file on the mail can you sent it again. Remember different things you have to change when you where used to Portamon:
1. The SmO2 information from the MOXY is an absolute value in its own right.
The danger is, that we make the same mistake as we did with lactate values and or wattage values and or HR and so on. In any physiological system there are no absolute values. Take ideas like cortisone testing in your average medical clinic or TSH ( ( thyroid stimulating hormone testing or in sport hematocrit testing.
Why is it so easy to cheat the system, because there are no absolute values but values absolute at a current moment.
So when using SmO2 in a workout always " calibrate " your body. It is nothing new, what is new is really what we did always in the past.
Every athlete is warming up what ever the idea of warming up was.
Now with MOXY we at least have a clear target in the warming up part when looking from an oxygenation level.
So over the next few month we will show on many many examples , what this means and how SmO2 is an absolute value for information concerning oxygenation situation in the body.
So SmO2 you take as face value of numbers.
The story with tHb is different.
There are some i ideas, that tHb is an indirect information on Blood volume.
Problem. Blood volume is blood plasma and cells all together. We can assume, that if the cell numbers go up we most likely have an increase in volume.
BUT. Take the situation, where we hydrate or dehydrate and the problem is getting somewhat more complicated.
Again we have to assume that during a 30 second interval or a 30 min test the change in blood volume due to plasma change is possibly minor so the trend in tHb is an indicator of blood volume changes.
Out of specific reason the tHb values are in a different numeric value and you have to forget numbers but look at in smaller term.
Very often the tHb values are somewhere around +- 12 so if you take 11.5 - 12.5 and under units of 0.05 you will get a perfect trend information with your assessment. Hope this helps.
Cheers Juerg

Development Team Member
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I would like to share a session I did today, hopefully others can do the same so we can all learn together. It was done on rollerskis outside so there was going to be a lot of movement in SmO2 numbers not just from the terrain but also from changing technique left side to right side. I tried to do a field IPAHD test. recovery was about 1min30 because thats how long it took to get down the hill. Heart rate no on the leftY-axis. SmO2 no on the right Y-axis. Steps 1 to 6 SmO2 stays stable, then a big drop when I pushed it upto the next pace. I then had a long rest and went again for step 9 and 10 to try and repeat the same pace as 5&6. Interestingly SmO2 was much much lower compared to step  5&6 but the heart rate was similar. So perhaps this is where SmO2 comes in. SmO2 recovery was also not bouncing back to baseline. Sessions can now be dictated by Smo2 rather than just heart rate.


Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Marcel this is incredible sent me the cvs file and I can move it in our assessment  program  and show the great information.
 From the first glance it is perfect  with  one small change. You have to be ready to start   slower  so we can see the change  but first I like to see the cvs file to look closer at tHb as well.
. This  is exactly what we  need.
 The  last   repeat is a great example on the change in SmO2  . What we do not know yet is, hwy did you have a different SmO2 . lower, than when you  did the same  load before.
 So we actually have a lower SmO2     by the same ,load indicating (  I like to see the trend  a better utilization or  a  not as great delivery.
 So who delivers  or what causes a decline in the ability to deliver.
Possibilities :
 1. Cardiac hemodynamic.
  CO = HR x SV    . we have the same HR  so if the cardiac system would be a limiter, than we would have had here a drop in SV by the same HR but  often we see the opposite if cardiac is limiter: If  the  HR  was not that high  we  see often an increase in HR due to a drop in SV  due to a drop in EF. But this can be due to a delivery  problem  of blood back into the heart( lower preload ).
 If that is the case than we have to look at tHb  trend and see, whether there was a  change in tHb.  so  muscle contraction strength  due to  less recruitment of units for the same load. or vasoconstriction due to limitation of the respiratory system.
. So here is , where  additional data's like respiratory data's VE = RF x TV  or SEMG  info  motor unit recruitment  and tHb trends come in.
 So with the CVS file we can get somewhat closer to the answer.
  As well  here it would have been fun to have another MOXY on the upper body to see potential shift in  blood volume   from one are   to another area.
. Great fun here.

 What we know from the repeat  is, that there is a delivery limitation rather than a utilization limitation.
 The other indication we have is, that the re-oxygenation was less efficient.
 So where do we reoxygenate.  or deoxygenate.?
 Again when we go to the cvs file we see, whether the actual  "blood supply " was the same or resrticted.
 If restricted, who caused a  vasoconstriction : Pressure  or  " chemical". Than we look from there  and are again closer to an answer on what and where we have to work on.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Marcel , thanks for the cvs file. Wills send you the closer ideas on  how you can use the information. For the  regular  reader on here just a b very short   feeds back and  some ideas   so you can see how  his  blood volume trend   was and his SmO2  and give it some thoughts.
  Have fun.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Question on Marcel's  roller ski assessment.
 What is the sign of a " delivery limitation.
What can cause a delivery limitation ?
 Who can cause a delivery limitation.? Can we have a delivery limitation SmO2  drop   with a stable tHb.
 Can we have a delivery limitation SmO2  drop and  an increase in tHb
 Can we have a delivery limitation and a drop in tHb.
 What conditions do we have to create to   produce  one of the above options ?
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