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Hi Roger,
I'm currently using a program to convert FIT file to CSV so I can extract Moxy Connect IQ data. The Smo2 data is extracted with the correct sampling however the THb data appears to be recorded at lower sample rate compared to the SmO2. Can you confirm if this is a problem with program I use or if it is Connect IQ  issue?. See files attached.

FIT to csv.jpg 

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I think the converter might have a problem.  I have not used that one before.

When I used the FIT SDK FitToCSV converter, the THb seems to have the same time resolution as the SmO2.  Also, when I import the data into Golden Cheetah it looks like expected.

The power data has a lot of dropouts in it in the FIT file.  That might be contributing to the problem.  It's also possible that this converter doesn't fully support FIT 2.0 files yet. You might want to contact the maker of that converter to ask about it.

Here's the Golden Cheetah chart.

Here's a close up on one of the intervals.


Development Team Member
Posts: 219
Thank you Roger, I will feedback your comments to the developer.
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