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I have Garmin Fenix 3 watch that I use with Moxy sensor(s).

I have been experiencing intermittent loss of connection.
The connection is lost for a few seconds during which either the
watch is not receiving the signal or the sensor is not sending data. 
I was using a built-in Run app with a custom screen (IQ Connect with
Moxy data field)
This happens sporadically and I haven't been able to isolate the cause
or under what circumstances this happens.

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

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Hi Runner,

To help diagnose this, can you use the Moxy PC App and download the .csv file from the Moxy sensor.

If the .csv file is missing data points, you will see time increments longer than 2 seconds. This would mean that the Moxy is not creating a reading during those times.  The first suspect for the problem would then be ambient light.

If the .csv file has the data in places where the watch missed the data, then the problem would be in the ANT+ communication or in the watch data field.  I'd have to do some testing to try to recreate the problem if this is the issue.

If you could send me the .FIT file downloaded from the watch and the .csv file downloaded from the sensor to, I can look them over and see if we can determine the source of the problem.


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Unfortunately, I have already deleted the .fit and .csv files for those

If I encounter this problem again, I will inspect the csv files
and follow up with you.


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I experienced a similar issue last night with my Fenix3 recording a trainer session with the MoxyCycle app.  Roughly halfway through the workout I noticed SMO2 was not indicating.  Flipped around a couple screens and re-paired, which seemed to fix it.

Garmin Connect couldn't read the file.  After the normal bluetooth sync, nothing showed up.  Manually imported the file to Garmin connect and it had some sort of generic fault stating it couldn't be read.

SportTracks just kind of ignored the file.  I did manage to get a readable version using the fitfiletools website, using the corrupted time tool on the site.  But the resultant file didn't have any SMO2 data.

The CSV file off the device had only one time gap greater than 2 seconds, very early in the record so I don't think that had anything to do with it.

I have the fit file as well but it looks like that can't be attached.

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