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I have two questions:

1. I can't get info to stream from Moxy to Peripedal. Have you encountered this? It will pair but it gives a 0 reading. I am using and ANT+ dongle and the moxy monitor is on, updated, as is peripedal, and pairs.

For anyone with a similar problem, clearing the monitor and updating the firmware again did the trick. I don't know if anything else may have interfered with this but this worked for me.

2. I have a Fenix 3 HR watch and heard Garmin now supports ANT+ MO2 connection. Is this available for all watch with IQ? Do you have to connect Moxy to the watch like your do initially with a HR monitor or does it just connect when you are in the Moxy Run/Bike app?

That's a little more than 2 question. Thanks!


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Hi Levi,

For #1, try these steps
1) Do a hard reset on the sensor by unplugging from the USB cable and holding down the power button for at lease 12 seconds.  Then try PeriPedal again.
2) If it still doesn't work, connect to the sensor with the USB cable and the Moxy PC app.
3) Verify that the ANT+ profile is set to Muscle Oxygen MO2
3) Clear the data stored on the sensor.
4) Exit the PC App and then unplug the sensor.
5) Try to connect with PeriPedal again.
6) Hold the sensor somewhere that is should get good readings like your forearm or biceps.
7) If you still don't get readings. Try covering the sensor with your hand or some thick fabric to block ambient light.
8) If you still aren't getting readings, just hold the sensor there for 30 seconds or so.
9) Connect back to the Moxy PC App and download the stored data on the sensor.  Let me know if the file is empty or if it has data in it.
10) Take a screen shot of the Moxy PC app with the sensor connected and send it to me.

For your #2
If you use a Moxy "Data Field" you can set the Moxy number that the watch will pair to inside of Garmin Express.  There is a setting section for the data field.  It defaults to sensor 0 which is the wildcard number.  This means that it will connect to the first moxy the watch finds (not necessarily the closest one)

If you are using the Moxy Cycle or Moxy Run Watch Apps, you need to start the app and then press the menu button and select Pair to Moxy inside of the App.  You only need to do this once and then that app will stay paired to that Moxy.  If you have both the Moxy Cycle and Moxy Run Apps, you need to pair inside of both apps because they don't share settings information.
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