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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here a short inside view on what is going on.
 In Europe we will open this month a set of options for so called  Competency centers.
  This centers are existing test centers or new  opening once.
 The goal is to enhance current ideas with adding some idea into the  classical VO2 testing.
 See pic of VO2 testing .
 The classical way was great at the time but we now can asses many factors contributing to VO2  individually.
 For example CO  = cardiac output as HR x SV including EF % and more cardiac info.  Remember
 VO2 max = CO  x a-v o2 Diff
 So CO is now tested instead of speculated.
 the second  part of the VO2 max equation , the a - v O2 difference really is  if you test it directly or nearly  directly  MOXY.
 We can see how an athlete is able to  deoxygenate compared with another athlete. ( See  the FIX studio  tests.
 A - v  O2 difference  is depending on many  reactions ( see the VO2  pick.
 One of the major factors influencing a- v diff is the positioning of the O2 Diss curve.  More on the right , easier to release O2  more on the left harder to release O2.
 Who can influence   this trend.
 The respiratory system if trained  enough to be able to compensate.
 So  Competency center will have the knowledge and the tools to do IPAHD in Europe and we hope to  follow through with this idea here as well.
 European competency centers are as well integral centers for Spiro Tiger assessment  and more  new developed ideas.
 If you are interested in workshops like this in America, please sent  us or MOXY  a mail so we can plan towards ideas like this as well.

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