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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here some information and Q and A   from a test i got last night.
 It was a running test  and   D. tried for the second time to change the classical 3 min protocol with an add on LBP section to a IPAHD  5/1/5 He used the " classical " equipment of a VO2 equipment paired with a lactate Pro.
 I like to show you the result and you start thinking about the discussion :
  Is the  physiological reactions forced upon us when we do a 3 min step test. What happens , when we give proper time for a physiological reaction.
 The second part   is the info, so that you can see, how a MOXY ( NIRS ) will enhance the information we gather with  VO2 testing as well as why  over time you will be able to see, how MOXY will replace the invasive blood  lactate testing .
 So let's start  with the lactate information from the test. You can see nicely  always 1 double step so 2  times the same load with 1 min break ( homeostasis interruption )

1. Where do we get  this  situation ( in what step. ? see att word )  Now lets look at the respiratory information during this test. see att 2 and 3.
 att2 is VE. So you see really nothing other than  in every double step  the VE reaches the same    level so all seems great.
 If you take VE  apart than you  may have a respiratory limitation or not  and in the team member VE you can have a compensator  RF or TV or a limiter of one of them or both.
 You make the decision.
 Last problem than. Is respiration a Limiter. If we  have MOXY in that test we can get a much better idea, whether respiration in this athlete was or is a limiter. (  you take Dempsey's metaboreflex / vasoconstriction and  MOXY SmO2 and tHb and you are much closer.
 But , it could be as well  a cardiac limitation and or muscular tension. So you take VO2/HR and VO2 / RF and look at this and you have the limiter and or compensator.  Cheers Juerg

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