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Many of these concepts: Central Governor, or ECGM, fight and flight, metaboreflex, and so on are all representations of survival. While many of these concepts seem strange to many coaches and even to scientists and physiologists it is perhaps because they have forgotten some basic biology. Evolutionary biology is the study of the evolutionary process and is largely based on Darwin's theory of evolution. Everything that we are as a species is the result of evolution and evolution is the result of survival and reproduction. This idea of survival as a necessity for reproduction is really what drives survival instinct and mechanisms. In other words the animals or humans that survive can reproduce and what ever traits they possess that helped them survive will be transferred at a greater and more successful rate than other traits which over time will lead to population wide changes in specific traits and then you have evolution. This then is the very basis and rational for the functioning of a central governor or a metaboreflex and so forth = survival  Overtime evolution has created us to survive and in order to survive we must understand our limitation. This is very simple when we think about it from a physical rather than physiological perspective. People are often nervous around or scared of heights. This is rational as we understand our limits and know that falling from high places will hurt or kill us. In a sense this would be the same in a physiological perspective. Our body understands that we have physiological limits and if we exceed these limits we will hurt or kill ourselves and therefore we have regulatory mechanism, developed through evolution (the people who didn't have these regulatory mechanisms did not survive), and in the end we have a type of central governor if we decide to call it that. The rational in my opinion is simple and logical. It does not only comply with physiological understanding but it also complies to and addresses the very basics of evolutionary biology.
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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One of the first " coaches"  thinking in that terms :

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 In an assessment we look at the development of the performance by  assessing the different systems and their contribution to the overall pe4rformance.

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