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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here  a very nice  data  case  from our  Cycling specialist  from Boulder  starting to integrate MOXY in some  exiting  activities.
  Here  very short :

" Here’s one you would appreciate- Est VO2 Max load (Tabata) with a breathing restriction device placed on immediately after each load was finished for 2 minutes (3 in first interval). THb continues to rise and stay high while the restriction device is on, then immediately falls when it is removed.

  Here the  thoughts in pictures. Th results  are not surprising  and it is a very  old    used technique  from  very very far back  and  it started   in the late 1880  with a guy called  Friedrich Miescher, who  as   the history shows  actually  died in my  birth place in Davos. ( Friedrich Miescher)

The fascinating  part is, that  we now  with MOXY  not only can see what happens  but actually   can understand    what  is going on.
 Make the same workout  and just take  Wattage/ % of wattage/ VO2 ,lactate and HR  and you have  absolutely no physiological information other than  HR  goes up  when load goes up and  than VO2  goes up.  which seem to be  relative  easy to understand  and  may  not  need to have so many  equipments running at the same time including taking blood  with an incredible lag time.
 Now look  what happens if you are live there, where it all takes place. Have fun
First  SmO2    full workout. Not  too much  in the first moment.
  Than  tHb    full workout  not too much either.
 No combine  both   so much better  and no  take a closer  look at  2  loads  with  explanations.

all smo2.jpg 
all thb.jpg 
all smo2  thb.jpg

You as well can see in the first left  load the SmO2  is slightly dropping during the load  compared to the  right one.
 This indicates  a harder load  with a more intense utilization.  You than as well can see that the load created a  venous occlusion trend and again left side  more intense  due  to  more muscle tension  compared to the right  and the result  as well is  there with a  bigger  post venous occlusion release  much better seen  left than right side.

Now  just  to  end the  thoughts here. Need information based on the wattage info  you can get  from this workout. What can yous see  and what can you get out of this physiologically compared  to   MOXY.
 Any great wattage users  is welcome  to  help  out  here what they can read  from the wattage data's.  Again   we need to open our physiological minds  and  combine  performance with actual physiological reactions  to make  progress understanding training stimmuli and why  the same  wattage load  can have different  outcomes in different  and even in the same person.

watt info.jpg 

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