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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here a  short inside  view  on where we go  with NIRS/MOXY in the game sport sections but it  can be used as well in  any other sport.
 With the increased  interest  of  tams      form regional teams  to WHL  teams  to NHL  and NBA  teams    we now  can show more and more  how  easy  and  how  valuable  direct  feedback's  are  for coaches  for   game situations but as well fro   workout  ideas.
  This shows  you a small   internal discussion   gong on  and you can see how   very different we  use NIRS  for  feedback.
  It is  far  off  and fundamental different than the    " old " school , where we still try to defend  a  lactate threshold  or what ever. It is using MOXY in what  it  tells us  instead of forcing a great new  tool into an " antique " view  of  assessments. Take MOXY the  way it is  use it  and look what it tells us.   Here  for the   interested  reader.

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