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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here a great feedback n :
 "In response to Juerg's question regarding affixing MOXY to muscle.
I would suggest a lycra "sleeve" with non-slip cuffs as seen on the hem of cycling shorts. The sleeve can be 15-20 wide, with a clear blackout area for the MOXY unit. We have had PERFECT reading sliding the MOXY into the blackout cover, and simply placing these pieces inside the cyclist's shorts. If MOXY distributed three different size "sleeves" for different diameter legs, this might be a solution to the tape or band. The key would be the non-slip cuffs, which most high end bike shorts use and utilize a therm-injected rubber I think."

In our study group  in the  advice on testing this was our suggestion :

It is unwise to use an elastic band of any type that would go around the entire leg as this

will create compression on blood vessels. At this point the best solution is to use adhesive

medical tape to mount the MOXY device on the measurement site; we are open to other

suggestions. The site should then also be cleared of dark hair which may interfere with the NIRS

measurement, and the device itself should be placed in a plastic bag to avoid sweat damage to

the device."

There is or was a specific reason behind.
 When using the above idea of a sleeve or  pants or compression  pants  you have as mentioned perfect results but :  Our  pre study cases showed that the reading  was perfect in the way of contact but the question was, how the  pressure  from the sleeve would influence the  data's.
 It did by a lot.  We simply where waiting for an independent   data collection and look at Clint's   case study in the forum . in the top section  Compression  TSI and SmO2 readings.   There is a problem with compression when around the entire leg. It is not a problem to fix it  , it is a question how we fix it.
 In cycling it is somewhat easier  due to no eccentric pounding  but in running the sleeve has to be really non sliding and as such create already a compression influence due to the high sensitivity of the  equipment.
 That's why  we appreciate if all the data's are done as suggested in the protocol.

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