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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
In July we will do the first international small pilot workshop   on NIRS MOXY  (IPAHD and IPAHR ) including integration of the Spiro Tiger new software  ( Mirror ) in British Columbia Canada.
 Andri Feldmann ( MSC and researcher on NIRS will  be coming from Europe and we will have a   big number of MOXY available to do some  education with some  Competency centers IN Canada.
 We will keep you updated on the progress and where in the future you will be able to get all this crazy ideas  and services done. Stay tuned. As well July will be  the  Competency Center travel month in  British Columbia to the Okanagan and to the lower Mainland with all  organized workshops and test options set up already to  go ahead.
 In the USA  the  east and west coast are getting ready as well with  Spiro Tiger competency Centers, as well Alberta and Ontario.
We hope to have them set up all with MOXY as well. Cheers Juerg
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