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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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We will run with different  groups a first  workshop with live demos on  NIRS, PF and any current biomarker in concert with each other. We will have different people from Europe there and I will try to see, whether we can make a small video or at least an independent summary of  what we do , where we fail and where we succeed.
 It will be all live and  any weakness will be brutally show up and than the key is to  discuss and review common ideas and how we can improve.. We did the same discussion  last week in California with an incredible advanced group and this week this group will use a unique combination  by comparing all current available NIRS  system to see, what is practical what can be used  outside  in the field and what is  not optimal  at the current   stage.
I hope to give you much more feedback on this open discussion as we go along.
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