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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here a first "challenge" to show you how MOXY can make training very " physiologically"
Here an example: Bike intensity 180 watts. Training resp. Physiological challenges from 120 watt to 250 watt intensity but always 180 watt on the trainer. The physiological intensities changed.
Ideas to be able to train your muscular system by loading physically  very low  intensity ( for example because of a knee injury  to save from further tendon overload ) but still stimulation intensities in the FEI and HI  energy intensity zones.
 How  ?
 well I  put some  very simple questions out on : why we should start with a much lower intensity in any  test ( 3 min ) and why physiologically higher intensities ate of minimal values to designer training programs.
 Interestingly enough I never got answers to that simple task. So lets see, whether this task may stimulate some  questions for replays. Have fun

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