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I will give simple reasonings
1) Press on a muscle pedal
2) 1 kg of muscles of the unexercised person certainly consume less oxygen than muscles of trained. Let it will be 120 ml of oxygen and 250 ml.
3)Certainly muscles of unexercised are badly coordinate, is percent of 20 cages which aren't activated at all

But if we take a man with a hip 20 centimeters, and such is, it will have Wmax watt 100, an anaerobic threshold (4 mmol of a lactate) for example of 40 watts. He should squat!

And as on the example of tests for critical power it is known that at peak of a form the ratio between sprint and hour power doesn't happen higher than 40%, it is necessary to squat much to make a hip of 60-65 centimeters, and only then when she will begin big intervals to work it.

1) Build muscle (3-6-12 month WITHOUT cycling)
2) HIIT after (1-3 month, minimize strength training)

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