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We have made another update to the Moxy Sensor Firmware and the to Moxy PC App.  The new features in the firmware are:

1) Added New Update Rate Mode
  • Default - This is the same 2 second update rate with 5 reading averaging that Moxy has always had
  • No Smooth - Still a 2 second update rate, but not 5 reading averaging is turned off
  • Fast Update - Changes the update rate to 0.5 seconds with no averaging
  • Low Power - 2 Second update rate and 5 reading averaging, but fewer LED blink cycles are used for each reading to extend battery life.
Most Moxy users should still use the default update rate.  However, if you want a faster response for monitoring rapid changes in SmO2 like can occur during strength training, consider using the No Smooth of the Fast Update options.

The Low Power update option extends the battery life from about 3 hours to about 6 hours.

2) Increased the amount of stored data from 5000 to 15000 rows.  This is about 8 hours of data in any of the 2 second update rates or 2 hours of data at the 0.5 second update rate
3) Increased the data download speed by about 5 times.  It used to take about 4 minutes to download 5000 rows of data, now it takes about 45 seconds.

On the Moxy PC App, we added selection buttons for the Data Update Rate modes.

To install the new version of the Moxy PC app:
1) Uninstall the current version using the Control Panel
2) Download the attached file and extract        
3) Run the Setup.exe File

To update the Firmware on the Sensor:
1) Download the attached     
2) Extract it.
3) Run the Moxy PC app (any version)
4) Select Update Firmware
5) Select the .hex file that was unzipped.

Here are some videos that show the process.

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