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We are releasing firmware version 0.7 to fix a couple of bugs.

1) It was possible to get a "stray" data point saved on the sensor if the sensor was turned off while it was still taking readings.  This bug is fixed.
2) THb values that had a .01 to .09 on the right side of the decimal point were being stored on the sensor incorrectly without the 0.  (e.g. 12.06 was stored as 12.6).  The THb values were broadcast over ANT+ correctly.  Only the value stored on the sensor was incorrect.  This bug has been fixed.
3) The sensor changes how it displays values when in calculates a negative SmO2 value.

Version 0.7 of the firmware is attached to this post or you can find it at

Here is the procedure for updating the firmware.

zip v0_7    

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