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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here the first  set of  data's we have from our  different study groups.
 Thanks to Brian Kozak NEXT LEVEL SP
 You can  look this as a PP or as a PDF .
 Idea : 1. Goal : can we substitute a great expensive equipment like the Portamon with a practical usable affordable unit like the MOXY.
 2. Can we use direct  physiological info like muscle oxygenation to see and designer physiologically guided intensities by adding this as a bio marker to HR and RF  and the performance information like speed or watt ?
 3. Can we use the SmO2   as a trend or  possibly as an absolute Number for  training  intensity control in endurance sport / interval workouts  and strength workouts. ? Here a first simple non scientific approach. Andri is collecting  hundreds of data's and will work  this from the scientific angle.   I work it from the coaching and practical point of view as I use it on my patients since years in my clinic.

Depending on interests and feedback I will move up the next step to  intensity design and to interval workout options and we look at the other systems like respiration and O2  gas exchange to show you ow we can make a workout  by 50 or 100 watt and still create a deoxygenation or oxygenation  situation in  an athlete.
  has nothing  or  little to do with altitude.
 It is a  we  showed  ,a question of    BIO-Availability of  OXYGEN to the working    muscles  or  cells for ATP production.

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