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Hello Juerg,

Yesterday Stuard and I discussed this:

1. ¿Can the cause or reason for a venous flow restriction be the "nerve fatigue" that the muscle fibers may have previously or that excessive fatigue be generated during the evaluation?
Theoretically and if I'm not mistaken (I could), a venous flow restriction problem is caused by the muscle's inability to pump blood back to the heart.
Understrained or weak muscle fibers as well as fatigued muscle fibers would have great nervous fatigue or have a great facility to fatigue.

2. In a venous occlusion we would observe small rebounds of O2HHB during the 1min of rest and slightly greater rebound of HHB, did I understand correctly?

3. In an arterial occlusion, would we observe a higher ThB during the work interval and a decrease in the ThBRest? What is physiologically what causes this problem?

Thank you for Advance

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