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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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MOXY starts  to make a huge headwind in Europe.
  Over the last  few month , many different associations, coaches  as well as  test centers got into the MOXY market and start sending us incredible feed backs , so we can share  different experiences  and  not  "cook" secretly" in our  own  4  walls.
 Sports  like Figure skating, Speed skating  rowing, tennis , badminton, soccer ,  icehockey  ,rock climbing , swimming , cross country skiing, downhill skiing ,to name  some of the more involved  groups,  show the incredible potential  of MOXY  once  we are ready to look at outside the BOX.
 Many of this are sports, where we know since many years, that lactate  was  of little  to no help in  training  planning and concepts. We  use  lactate in  most of this sports as a  feedback on energy use  and  often as feedback on nutritional refueling of  energy storage  . The discussion in  most of this sports on a  Lactate threshold is not needed, as they anyway not would work with a  lactate threshold idea in the first place.
 As well most of this sports have years of experiences, that lactate taken  at a finger tip never  tells us, what  really happens in the working muscle cell itself. Now MOXY opens this  direct window. Even after- load lactate  have  relative little feedback information. If  we try to make any lactate profile  we know in this sports, that this  does not work, as nutrition as well as even how  and where we  would test  and than  train would every time make a different  lactate profile.
 We know that  even since the   explanation   of. G . Mader, the " father" of of the 2  and 4  mmol  idea, that  to make a  lactate profile  and combine it  with anything has its limitation and this  at a time , where lactate was " bad  and ugly." Here just to round this up the original  work  or a part of it  by Mader showing the inconsistancy and fluctuations of  a  "lactate curve"  as a  possible  individual profile.

 And  here now 1/4  century back the new  trends in Europe  for individual assessment ideas as well as  for individual training intensity planning. Looking for  delivery  and  utilization, looking  for limiter  and compensatory.
 Here  some pictures  sent to us  from Prag on a rower  with Physio Flow  and MOXY  set ups.
  As well some  hints on  how  SmO2  reacts  or  does not react always  with CO2  trends.. Have  fun  and enjoy.

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