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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530

After  now  close to  6 month of intense    contacts  with some extraordinary  people  from the field  of exercise physiology  and sport  and rehab  it may be time  to  make  an

Many great coaches adn athletes we had contact with  had one common  feedback.
  Why would I change now  as I work  with  VO2  max , LT  or FTP  since many many years

Do you really like to use the rest of your life your  brain  to  control your fingertip  to calculate a physiological reaction and zoning ?.
Do you like to be a part of a fundamental  change in  physiological assessment  to  use your brain  to find  your clients individual physiological reactions  and Zoning ?


See above , pick up a calculator  , connect  brain  and finger and you go ??? 



Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Let's  go to the " calculator"
  Here  to  great  information's.
 Pic  on2 is a 5 min Step test    with an initial    preload  ( some  may call it " warm up )  followed by 5 min step test  with 1 min rest in between.
  The second is a  interval workout  with a preload  followed  by  3 min load  and    deload.
  1. You use a calculator, what kind of  physiological load  did  you applied  and what did  you stimulated ?
   And  additional information here.
  The    physiological test  to  find  " 100 % "    was a  FTP  which is  in fact a great  physiological information on  what is happening  during a  1  hour all out load.
  Based on this  FTP  the training ideas  are getting calculated .
  FTP in this  athlete  case is   285 Watt  by 154   HR.
  So based on this information   look at the step test ???  and what  kind of    stimulation or load  was he applying  in the   3 / 3  interval ?

For the  now    combined  coach  ( Calculator  and brain )
  What  would you expect on physiological reactions  in  pic  one  on tHb  and SmO2    and what  would the difference be  between tHb  and SmO2 trends  from the  step test top the  interval  workout ?

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Well  a  few  (  2  great  email feed backs  on this  question:
 Difference between  the  step test 5 min steps 1 min rest  and the  interval  workout 3 min load  3    easy in the above pictures.  So    let's  start  with the " calculator.
  3  examples  from three great coaches   sent to us.
 1.  Kyle's  VO2 test  ( peak or  max  ?? )
HR VO2  Watt.jpg

Your task.
  Sent us the  " Zoning" based on this test.

  Here a  FTP test result graph
ftp graph.jpg 

Your task:  If you use FTP   send us the " intensity ( training zones [wink] in    based on this  FTP  result  154 HR  and 285 Watt ?

And here a  5 min step test 1 min rest  and  HR  and lactate as   one information.
lac  HR step test.jpg 

Your task if you use  HR  and lactate.  Where  are the different " training zones" based on this step test?

Now  using  some real time  physiological info's  to try to find  training  zones. ( MOXY /NIRS)
  I use the above HR  and lactate test 4 min load 1 min rest in between.
 Running test.

 The test  will show you  one more step , than what was tested on lactate. here  first the SmO2  and  tHb info together. So this is  the same  test as the HR Lactate  speed info  above. So we have HR  and  Speed  but now as well SmO2  and tHb . So we  can look at  delivery reaction in this persons  step test (  4 min load 1 min rest )   but as well the utilization trend in this persons    test.
 ( the 4 load 1 min rest  is okay  but not  optimal  to see  physiological trends. Now here  to start out.
  Move your calculator away  and look at the trend information.
 Green SmO2  is the information mainly on   utilization of O2  (but as well a  bit of delivery.)
  brown is the tHb  as  an indicator of blood flow  or  volume in the  tested area.. As  such it  will indicate a lot of  the delivery situation during the test.
lac hr smo2 thb step run.jpg

  Your task   look at  SmO2  alone  first. Than look at tHb  alone  and set " zoning"  no matter how you name them. Than look at   both in combination. Have  fun If you need your index  finger  use it to tip on your  forehead rather than on a calculator.
If you like to add to the " calculator  intensity zoning system  please feel free.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Let's  go back here  to  our last  part of the discussion n Zoning or  better interpretation on where we  may see clear  physiological reaction  in the attempt  to maintain ATP production on the needed  basic level.
 Calculator zoning    with lactate :
  As in the other  examples  VO2  " max "  ( peak )  or FTP  you as well can see the problem  to justify  Zoning based on a lactate curve.

lac  HR step test.jpg 

We  do not  discuss anymore the reason, why this lactate curve is a momentum picture   of a delayed information on what may or may not  have happened  somewhere in  some more or less involved muscles in this bike step test.  So lets move to the  MOXY  data collection.

 Not that this is easy or clear, but at least it may trigger some thinking  on what may or may not  have happened  during the  step test in the delivery options , as well as in the utilization  ability  or trends.

Here the  test  as a graph I got sent to me  for comments.  This picture  is simply  looking at the graph

lac hr smo2 thb step run.jpg 
And  than  we look at the  actual explanations of the trends   in tHb    and in SmO2  and than combine  the ideas  we  may have and see,whether they  actually make sense.  So  theory versus facts.
 Here  the  tHb graph alone  where I  had  my  major  questions.  Remember it is a step test  4 min  step length  1 min rest.  I am not sure  when  the lactate was taken  as   I got the indication by 4.30 in the step  so I assume the blood was taken during the 1 min rest period  , which makes it much  easier to take blood in a running or rowing  or  in-line  skate mill test.
Here the circle  with my big question marks  on the tHb reactions.
 I indicated   back that in that one section something  does not make sense  at all.  You may see  why  we have this question.

thb zoning discc.jpg 

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