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What effect does pressure have on the Moxy?

I have been using a light shield, light shield tape square and vetrap for my 5-1 treadmill testing, but sometimes the vetrap has come off, and it seems to affect the results, as in the screenshot below.

The vetrap came loose and was taken off in the 4th stage (about a minute in), and the tHb drops from 12.2 to 11.75. After this in the minute break I added cover roll stretch horizontally and vertically to hold the moxy on. Also, in the final stage (relatively hard running), the tHb oscillates quite rhythmically, is this from the change of taping/vetrap?

This is all on the VL - so primary not non primary as the data says - I had an issue with on of my moxys.

Taping Moxy.png 


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It is very important to keep a constant pressure through out the test, the value of the pressure is unimportant but it needs to be the same or you might run the risk of misinterpreting the results.

Higher pressure tends to show a lower smO2 value.

PS from your 515 assessment looks like you may have a respiratory limitation


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If you are indoors you probably do not need vetrap. I only use it for outdoor use. I have dispensed with the light shield for running as I found the weight of it caused the moxy to move, even if I had vetrap. This may have only been for a sweaty subject though where the tape loses adheasion and the moxy drops lower on the leg. I now just use vetrap when outside and if that is not sufficient I put strapping tape, or some other type of tape that blocks the sun, on top of the vetrap over the area of the moxy.
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