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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
I get more and more   mails   of people  asking me , where can we get the education  for NIRS/MOXY.

 Well here a   different  take on this.
To be able  to repeat  what the teacher  tell you  to repeat  you need  an education.
 To challenge  what the teacher  tells  you to repeat  you need a brain.  The big  majority of   connection  I get over the forum here  are people with a Brian  and as such  do not need an education. We need them  on here  for an open discussion with   lot's of  ideas and lot's of  mistakes  but the ability  to  discuss.
 MOXY opens a new  world  of  using  physiological information  during workouts s  live  we never had  before  but  we often  where dreaming about.
 The   ability  now that  coaches  out there c an   go  and play and try out  new ideas  and re test   completely changes the  playing field   in  exercise physiology.
 We  are  not anymore  as much  dependent on   case studies  s with small sample size and conclusion based on  5 - 10 samples ( error  on  conclusion  of 66 %. But we  now have the ability  to  contribute  to our own ideas  by  simply looking first what is going on.
 We  on here   share  many many  years and   years of  ideas  and  possibilities  being well aware that  many ideas  will be wrong  or  will change.
 The fact , that we now can collect information's  in big  big numbers  and  really see changes based on physiological guided  workout rather than fingers  and seconds  will  help us  to design individual  ideas and training programs
 So  no education on here, but open discussion  and we start with our team  all over the world  now  to  offer seminars  and workshops  to  integrate  new  ideas  and share them  with  all  readers  and new MOXY users.
  Here a short preview .
a) First   course   length one year  to integrate  MOXY and its use in the  High school  here  in BC   ( Quesnel ) we have a one year  course  with kids  planning to go in  any kind of medical field  and we will do basic  intro  and  research and hopefully will show some ideas on here. 
b)   We are In the midst of planning a December  seminar in  Canada  British Columbia   so   people interested pleas e mail
 Location Vancouver.

c)  Brian  from Next level is back in Ontario    on  seminars  and coaching in sport schools   for December.  People for that region contact   Brian

d)  First European gathering   form different country on MOXY use, development  and  future  planning  ( Switzerland. check  with

d)  Expo in the USA     for strength  trainers  and coaches .beginning of  January  2014 Check   with
e)  Mid January   workshop and intro  of MOXY in California  ( Santa Ana Region)
f)  In  end planning stage   a  workshop  and   ideas exchange in Boulder Colorado  and the list  will grow  and will  include  more and more regions.

 For any   of this  info's  contact one of the above   contacts.

 The reason  actually for this  part is :
 Education   or   using our  own brains.
 Here a great   2 test options  I got sent to me this morning  from Slovenia.
 What is   or do you see  interesting in this 2  5/1/5  assessments.
    Could you make a " zoning based  on this info ?

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Not   a lot  of   response on this one   as of yet.
.  One  short    add:
 Watch  as  S.  did  confuse  some of you. Blue is  for us normally  HHb  and red is O2Hb  so if you are used   on that you have to reveres  the color.  Than look  again  and  you see here   some very nice  examples  between  2  very different physiological responses.
  In any  3  or  even 5 min steps  you never  would be able to pick up this   differences  but in a 5/1/5  you  can  and this  has some  direct influences on   what  kind  of  training   you  may do  with this 2  athletes    and for sure, when  doing specific  interval workouts  but even   in the endurance planning  as you may lie to change  structurally    the  situation.

Development Team Member
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What stands out to me is in the bottom athlete the tHb decreases during the 1 minute recovery indicating some sort of compression, delivery problem while the SmO2 stays pretty consistent.  The opposite is true of the top athlete. 
Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Watch carefully. The confusion  in this 2  examples   are  form different sides.
  1.  We  have only  HHb  and O2Hb   as  information.
 True   once you are used  you can imagine the tHb  trend  as tHb =  HHb  +  O2Hb.
  You as well  can imagine   the SmO2  trend  as  SmO2  is the  %  of loaded    O2Hb    to the tHb.
  If you are already that advanced  than this is great2.
  S  . used  as well different  color  so  he  has O2Hb   blue  (  we use  normally red )  and  HHb  he  uses   red  and we use Blue.
  On the  pics  we  have no SmO2  and no tHb  so  very   much   a  imagination   needed  so you can see  tHb  and  you can see  SmO2.
3.   The   trends  and the way the picture looks  is  interesting  and I wonder, whether    this info's  are  form a Portamon.?
 It would not matter   for  O2Hb  and HHb  but it  could matter  for SmO2  and TSI %.
RS Sport

Development Team Member
Posts: 2

Info’s are from a Portamon. Here you have also tHb, Hb Diff (SmO2) and TSI %, but the main issue is why HHb reacts differently in the first person (increase in 1’ recovery), compared with the second person (decries in 1’ recovery). 

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530

Sasso , thanks  for the great    prints.
   I  am super happy, that people  completely independent form our   small group    create this great    pictures, as  we have over many years problems  to  get acceptance, that this  actually can happen.
 We have some major  different ideas on  this  topics than  accepted  " classical'  ideas  and studies.
  We  over many years got   simply feed backs, that we make   mistakes , when testing and using  equipment.

 The main reason  is, that the  questions  many of our findings  open  can't be  answered  over the " classical'  ideas  of anaerobe  and    LT  and  VO2  max  plateau  and so on.
  One of the  major  discussions  we are working for the moment internally are    classical  ideas like   O2  deficit   and O2  depth.  Is this really  existing or is it a   left over  of the problem of  an indirect  testing over VO2   with masks.
 I  may possibly show  on here some of our  concerns  and questions  as we  go along  all together here.  I like to add  to Sasso's   picture    some  reactions  we see  and we have different groups of athletes  creating this reactions. The main  focus  for us  was to see, whether we  can produce  this reactions  and if ,  than we  know , what causes this    specific pictures.
  Here  Pic  1  and 2   from Brian Kozaks  great  research    with Ice hockey player.
  2   very common pictures   for    two   very   clear ideas on limitations.
This  are all MOXY  tests.
  Now here some very old  test  from many years back  with  Portamon. . Yellow in the  old school was tHb but you look mainly on   red ( O2 Hb  ) and blue HHb)  and green  TSI %

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