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To me athlete #1 is showing a delayed SmO2 at recovery therefore hypercapnic.  I believe he has an O2 loading problem.

Both athletes 2 and 3 are showing signs of having a muscular limitation.  

Further to that discussion and slow twitch versus fast twitch here are two pictures of myself doing intensity.  30 seconds all out with recovery.  In picture #1 I am running as hard as I possibly can however you can see I don't desaturate very much.  Sandy Intensity 050715.PNG In picture #2 one week later I played with trying to active my fast twitch fibers by invoking the Incredible Hulk IE: contracting hard and fast.  This was very difficult for me to do physically and with no change in pace I was done after 28 seconds, couldn't continue physically or mentally although I perceived very little difference in my RF from picture #1.
Sandy Intervals 051415.PNG  As you can see I was able to desaturate much further.  I stopped at 4 because I felt unable to access my FTF anymore and even spent a bit of time walking because I couldn't get past the initial first 10 seconds of CP use to get to my STF.  At the point I could run again my SmO2 returned to 90.

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Here  some thoughts  to the  three  duathlon racers offered us  by Sandy.
 here her points :

for me athlete #1 is showing a delayed SmO2 at recovery therefore hypercapnic.  I believe he has an O2 loading problem.

Both athletes 2 and 3 are showing signs of having a muscular limitation

I like to show you  my  thinking process  in this case.
 Now  that does not mean it is the truth  as  I am very messy in my Brian.
 I  just like to show you how I go about the interpretations options. And  it is  as always  up  for  discussions as it is NOT the Gospel what  I write on here.

# 1 Here a  closer look again  and  in the mean time  in reviewing it again  and again I would make  one additional line  for  some thoughts.  Where would you make  an additional line ?

frist  end  sprint.jpg 

Okay line  by line :
 First line : time  between 15  / 30 - SmO2  so hows  a trend  of  dropping now so about  2  + min before the  finish line he   may have started  an " end sprint.
 What we  do not know is, whether the sprint  was successful in the way that he really was  running faster or  he  just worked  harder.
 So SmO2  drops  as  an indication that  at that point he  used  or utilized  more O2  than he was  able to deliver. Why this  question:
 tHb  may give a hint. If  we increase intensity we  would assume that we increase muscle contraction force. As  such  we  would expect  a  compression outflow  so tHb  would  drop.
 Do we see  that  in here ?

If the contraction would be   much  harder  we  would see  an increase in tHb  due  to  venous outflow restriction. ??
 Do we see that ?
 So we have a  delayed  tHb reaction, which  asks the question, whether what we see is a  systemic  delay reaction ?
 What  could it be.
 If  it would  be respiration , how  would  tHb  react. Remember metaboreflex  versus actual   respiratory   inability  due to weakness of muscles.
 If  it would be  based on cardiac  reaction ? what would we  expect  ? Try  to go through all the options we  discuss.
 Line 2
 We see an ongoing  drop in SmO2    still indicating a  higher uti,lization  than ability  to deliver.
 BUT we now see a change in tHb.
 Now  what  creates  and increase in tHb ??? List in your mind the options which can increase tHb  and combine  with the  first line questions.
Third line
Well that is the missing one  I would add in a discussion Time lien  for this   line ( missing line )  is by 120.
 Why  would I add a line there    what  caught my  eyes ?
 4  th line
 Clear  increase in SmO2  as a possible indication , that  he  dropped  rapidly performance  and  as  he  immediately  reduced  O2  demand  form the working muscles but delivery  is still in full swing we see the sharp increase in delivered  O2  as  nobody asks  for it  or less demand but still great delivery. What is interesting is, that despite a  reduced  activity  of muscles the tHb  does NOT react   the same  .  so the   expected lack of  muscle compression  does not show up  as a clear increase in tHb in fact  when looking  at tHb  we would not  expect that the race  may be over here in fact  if looking  at tHb  we would argue  second  line  could  be end  of race  or  5  th  line

5  th line .
 SmO2  still increasing so still higher delivery than demand but we have a   stop of increase.
So  what is the   reason of this reactions.

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